On Saturday, March 13 from 1-3, CREWC has its monthly Open House where you can tour the clinic, have healthy snacks while visiting the Healing House and listen to a free talk from 1:30-2:30 in the clinic kitchen.

This month the talk will be on weight, a critical issue of our time and culture.

Katherine Willow will begin with an acknowledgment of how weight problems affect people because of the cultural obsession with how we look.  In many cases this very bias prevents people from getting to their ideal weight ~ there’s just too much pressure!

We will look at some simple and practical ways of dealing with this extra layer of stress and then examine the easier topics of how to assess for the physical mechanisms of extra or not enough weight.  Is it simply a diet issue, are glands involved, has the digestion gotten weak, is there a deficiency, are emotions involved, what about genetic factors and finally, what role does stress play?

Then Katherine will present some ideas and resources for solving weight issues and going on with one’s life.  She is not new to this subject and will briefly share her own journey with an eating disorder and how she recovered.

It should be interesting, hope to see you there!