You have probably noticed our monthly German New Medicine (GNM) introductory sessions and wondered what they are about.  In brief, GNM is recently discovered material about the connection between emotional shocks and diseases.  It also explains how many conditions and symptoms which we thought were illnesses are actually effects of the body in a healing phase!

We have been using this material together with naturopathic medicine with startling success for eight years and are ready to present it in retreat format for patients and other practitioners to experience it theoretically, practically and realistically.

This will be an indepth therapy retreat where people can come with their illnesses and apply GNM within a truly supportive context.  Practitioners can bring difficult cases to present and discuss.  All together we can move forward in our healing and ability to help others heal.

Visit and scroll to the bottom of the middle column for more info, or visit and check the Event Schedule for a pdf that has more info.

You can also call Freya at 613-839-1179.