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May 2015

Breast Surgery Notes

Keeping the Heart Open in Hell

April 2015

Breast Surgery Notes

Keeping the Heart Open in Hell

March 2015

Ask a Naturopathic Doctor: Spring Cleansing


February 2015

My Next Approach to Pain

The Inner Work of this Winter…

Ask a Naturopathic Doctor: Reframing Colds and Flus

January 2015

My Next Approach to Pain

The Inner Work of this Winter…

December 2014

Christmas Layers

November 2014

October 2014

Ask a Naturopathic Doctor: How to Do a Late Fall Cleanse

Time Alone!!

September 2014

Ask a Naturopathic Doctor – Redefining Brain Cancer

The Blessed Unknown…

August 2014

Ask a Naturopathic Doctor – The Healing Power of Nature in the Modern World

Life Takes a Turn…

June 2014

Ask a Naturopathic Doctor: How to Rejuvenate at Midlife

The Beginning of a New Era…

Cancer to GAPS

May 2014

New Sensitivity Tests Available

IV certified ND position available at Carp Ridge

Ask a Naturopathic Doctor: When to Use Energy Medicine?

From Inside a Paper Bag…

April 2014

New Gluten Free Bakery in Kanata

Welcome Denise Fuller, ND

Welcome Sheila Earl,  DHHP, Doctor of Medical Heilkunst

March 2014

Ask a Naturopathic Doctor… Why Undertake Sensitivity Testing?

High Lonesome Nature Reserve

The Wedding Garden

Bioelectronic Therapy

February 2014

Notice: Katherine Willow N.D.

Retiring End of June 2014

Sea Change*

What is Energy Healing?

Hearty Shiitake Mushroom and Miso Soup


January 2014

Home for Sale

Second Carp Dinner and Talk—The Project Continues…

Rosemary for Heart Health

Eating for the Season: Winter

A Difficult Healing Phase


December 2013


November 2013

Ask a Naturopathic Doctor… about anxiety and fear

Fighting the Flu and Splitting Skins

Healthy Herbs and How to Use Them: Ginger for Gastrointestinal Health

Food Resolutions

October 2013

Notice: Katherine Willow Away Jan-Feb/14

Like us on Facebook

Carp Ridge Charity Looking for Volunteers

Final GNM/Mind-Body Medicine Intro

Join Kaia Nightingale in the Amazon

Ask a Naturopathic Doctor: Healing Christmas…

Ask a Naturopathic Doctor: Sugar Alternatives

Multi-Layer December Cleanse

Massage Therapy for Cancer

Inaugural Carp Dinner & Talk a Success!

Healthy Herbs and How to Use Them: Cinnamon

Solar Panels on Clinic Roof Approved!

Liquid Gym in Kanata

New Products for Sale

House for Sale

September 2013

Restoring our Sleep with Correct Lighting

Attacks on Organic Agriculture

Katherine’s monthly diary: Hanging In…

Honey Bees in Decline

Coconut Crisps

Paleo Raisin Cookies

Cindy’s Tahini Cookies

August 2013

Healing Osteoporosis, Rebuilding Bones . .

 Food | Crock-Pot Revolution

Katherine’s monthly diary : Grumpy Caterpillar Mode

Invitation for New Board Members

JULY 2013

Ask a Naturopathic Doctor: Sunscreen — or Not?

A new massage therapist at the clinic: Jennifer Presley, RMT

Sinking Deeper: Katherine’s monthly diary

The hidden dangers of your morning shower

Book Review: The Tapping Solution by Nick Ortner

JUNE 2013

Holistic Approach to Weight Management Workshop: a Naturopathic & Yogic Perspective

Book Review: Finding Our Way ~ From the Past to the Present in Personal Growth

Ask a Naturopathic Doctor: Healing our digestive system

Grace & Woodpeckers: Katherine’s monthly diary

Seeking a Registered Massage Therapist for our team at Carp Ridge

MAY 2013

Katherine’s monthly diary: Settling into the process

Quick spicy bean dip

Yoga in the Yurt: Yoga classes with Sandy Heron, Sats, May 18 – June 29

‘Upon feeling healthy in Mexico’ ~ a poem from a client

FAQ: What is Naturopathic Oncology? (and other related questions)

Lower back support: Nikken MagFlex

Register for ‘Community Supported Education’ workshops at Agape Gardens in Perth, Ontario

Dunrobin Symphony of Sound: Sat, April 20, 7:30pm

APRIL 2013

The universe inside your body: a breathtaking video

Greetings from the underbelly: Katherine Willow’s monthly diary

Holistic Approach to Menopause Workshop: 1-4pm, Sat, April 6th

Movement Awareness & Integration Workshops

News from Carp Farmers’ Market

How do you know visceral manipulation is good for you?

Sweet Potato Hummus

MARCH 2013

New moon glimpses & reality check: Katherine’s monthly diary

Sat, Feb 23rd: Eco Farm Day 2013 / Water Management in Organic Agriculture

Goodbye, winter blahs. Hello Kenkolight.

Spelt flour, velvety beet brownies

Kinburn Farms now has a website!

A play on organs: visceral manipulation, emotions & the body

Full-time position available: Micro-loan project manager


Katherine’s monthly diary: Christmas, grief, depression. . . and love

A sample menu for ‘Healthy through the Seasons’ retreat this Sat

Ionic footbath detox research: looking for 1-week trial participants

Intravenous vitamin C and cancer treatment

Welcome Dr. Leesa Kirchner, naturopathic cancer specialist!

What is Visceral Manipulation and how does it work?

Need a peaceful, healing, relaxing getaway? Try a pond cabin retreat. . .

Low-cost Naturopathic services in February

Ask a Naturopathic Doctor: Healthy relationships

For a better night’s sleep: Nikken Kenko Comforter


Katherine’s monthly diary: Getting used to change. . . .

Carole Martin, DC (Doctor of Chiropractic), joins Natural Health Clinic

Ask a Naturopthic Doctor: Managing weight from the inside-out

Learning Centre’s Forest Preschool & Kindergarten get $5000 from TD Bank in Stittsville

Sojourn in an empire of illusion David Shackleton’s last post on finding balance in life.

Give a simple and meaningful gift~kindness

Last-minute Christmas ideas!

Kinburn Farms: hormone & chemical free meats

What’s buzzing at The Hive? Check out a cool new store in the village!

Really easy, really good banana bread!

Brighten your day: Nikken Full Spectrum Light


It’s like dying: Katherine’s monthly diary

Ask a Naturopathic Doctor: Great alternatives to white sugar!

Where stuffing away emotions gets you. . .

When thinking & feeling becomes evil

Matt Selic: Awesome employee, in pictures

Please have a seat: Nikken KenkoSeat 11

What is fashionable ecowellness?

Acorn squash stuffed with quinoa & tempeh


How do you let change flow naturally into a stressful life?

Ask a Naturopathic Doctor: Treating Addictions

Katherine’s monthly diary: Continuing to ride the waves. . . .

Learning Centre has lots of AWESOME news (with more to come!)

Aviva Cohen is our new bodywork/energy practitioner at the clinic

Can you see your emotional body? Your moral body?

Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes

A mask for Non-Halloween days: Nikken PowerSleep Mask


Katherine Willow’s monthly diary: Menopause, Meditation and Freedom 55+

Fall Cleansing Workshop: Sat, Oct 20 from 9:30 to noon
Time to consider doing a fall cleanse to boost your energy for the winter.

Introducing Carp Ridge Natural Health Clinic’s First Resident Naturopathic Doctor: Chelsey Corrigan

Ask a Naturopathic Doctor: Menopause and Mid-Life

Family Retreat Highlights and Invitation to the Retreat Committee (plus great photos)
The family retreat over Labour Day weekend was one of our best ever! Want to be part of our next one?

Request for Committee Members for the Charity!
Carp Ridge Learning Centre oversees the Forest School Preschool & Kindergarten, the Homeschooler Wilderness Program, monthly Families in Nature walks and Learning Centre rental for workshops ~ we’re looking to improve its infrastructure and need your help.

How is early childhood eco-consciousness created in a forest school?
Jay Young’s final part of a presentation discussing the need for Forest Schools in Canada.

Good-guy or bad-guy? Find out the truth
David Shackleton’s monthly post on finding balance in life

Harvest recipes: Veggie Ratatouille, Sweet Potato/Chick Pea Curry & Apple Oatmeal Crisp

Discount on upcoming ‘Journey’ Workshop in Ottawa

Cats almost homeless, situation getting desperate
Milo and Caramel need to be adopted in October — please help if you can so they don’t go to a shelter.

What’s in your water? Part 2
Lynn Fraser explains what pimag water is, as well as its health benefits.


Katherine Willow’s monthly diary: Summer blessings

Ask a Naturopathic Doctor: ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

You’re invited to join Carp Ridge Learning Centre’s Board of Directors
Help develop programs about health, healing and sustainable living for the inhabitants of West Carleton, starting with a survey of needs together with other interested partners in the community.

What’s in your water?
Take a look at results of a growth test using four kinds of water, including Nikken PiMag.

Upcoming German New Medicine online webinars in Aug & Sept

Balanced (& Unbalanced) Parenting
David Shackleton’s monthly post looks at the demanding dynamics of balanced parenting.

Ecocitizenry: the next generation, part 2
Part 2 of Jay Young’s post on how forest schools prepare children for active roles as environmentally-conscious citizens.

Gluten free treat: Golden Brown Coconut Crisps

Brandon Bays, author & founder of ‘The Journey’ coming to Ottawa in September

Nanny/Housekeeper Wanted at Carp Ridge

Caramel & Milo’s story: Two great cats looking for new homes

New apartment available at the newly-built Rectory in Carp


Katherine Willow’s monthly diary: Progress?

The natural order of things: We’re 99.9% unconscious — can we do something about it?
David Shackleton’s monthly column on managing balance in daily life.

Call for new board members & volunteers

First annual end-of-summer family retreat, Healing in Nature: Fri, Aug 31 thru Sun, Sept 2

Breast Health Workshop with Amber Young, RMT: Sat, Sept 15th

Ecocitizenry: The Next Generation
Jay Young, Director of Operations at Carp Ridge Learning Centre, says a sense of ‘ecocitizenry’ can be imprinted early on by immersing children in self-directed outdoor-based schooling as soon as possible.

Greetings avid gardeners!
Matt Selic checks in from his work in our heat-soaked, water-hungry garden.

Farewell Father Jack!
Co-facilitator of many of our healing retreats and Director of  the Galilee Centre in Arnprior, Jack Lau moves to the states for a new mission.

Live concert at the Dunrobin Sonic Gym: Sat, July 21st, 8pm

JULY 2012

What can I do about joint pain? Ask a Naturopath

Searching for courage: Katherine’s monthly diary

The Whole Balance Method: a new integrative weight loss program launching at Carp Ridge
Free talk & info session, Sat, June 23rd, 1pm at the clinic ~ based on new research that uncovers the most effective diet & exercise plan for weight loss and chronic health!

July & August Summer Camps at Carp Ridge Learning Centre

Healing in Nature: an end of summer family & friends retreat

A tricky balance: the inside world vs. the outside world
David Shackleton’s monthly column on managing balance in daily life.

Friend of CREWC needs living space rental in Carp area

Experience a ‘Symphony of Sound’ in Dunrobbin

Stop the GM apple! GM food SUCKS. . .

Seasonal food: delicious asparagus recipes

The Fools are coming to Carp Ridge!
A roving band of Ottawa-area actors play Shakespeare-with-a-twist at the Centre in August.

JUNE 2012

Healing crises of my own: Katherine’s monthly diary

Ask a Naturopathic Doctor: What is a healing crisis?

Support Naturopathic Doctors: Tell the government not to approve proposed restrictions on practice!

Are we stuck in half of the story?
David Shackleton’s monthly column on finding balance in life.

It’s easy: make your own natural sunscreen

Healing by kneeling: Spend some time helping in our garden. . .

Breathe fresh, clean air in the car, office, school ~ almost anywhere: Nikken Air Wellness Traveler

Pieces of time for sale. . . slices of a giant Poplar tree from the Ottawa Valley

MAY 2012

Spring Revelling: Katherine’s monthly diary

Understanding how a stroke can affect your life
by Amber Young, RMT

Breast Health Workshop with Amber Young RMT: Sat, May 19th, 10am – 12noon

Extreme balance: riding the natural cycle
David Shackleton’s monthly column on finding balance

New EcoWellness booth at Carp Farmer’s Market
by Katherine Willow, ND

Orange almond muffins: a gluten-free, dairy-free, and grain-free delight!

April showers bring. . . bugs, fleas, allergies & more. Recipes for natural relief!
by Allie Brooks

Naturopathic politics needs your voice
from Katherine Willow, ND

Amazing therapy: caring for a pet
by Carla Brown

A quick buzz from the Carp Ridge beekeepers
by Bob Boisvert

The Church of Yoga: a Christian collaboration or calamitous controversy?
from Father Jack Lau

Who’s running in the Diefenbooker Classic?

APRIL 2012

Emergence and resistance: Katherine Willow’s monthly diary

Chili Tamale Pie: ¡Qué deliciosa!

Breathing the all important breath

Can life be boiled down to spoonfuls of wisdom?

Breathe fresh, clean air: Nikken Wellness filtration unit (discount for newsletter readers!)

Make great furniture with wood pallets

“He’s making fire!” Stittsville schoolkids visit Learning Centre

Ziggy’s been adopted! Yay!

Animal Tracking, Part 3: Trail Widths

Cool stuff from the web. . . .

MARCH 2012

Vacation lessons: Katherine Willow’s monthly diary

How to prepare for a body cleanse & detox retreat
Come to next month’s retreat! Here’s how to get ready.

Ziggy the adorable boy cat: Out of a job and needing a home!
How could you not want to adopt someone this sweet? See the pics!

Here comes the sun ~ light (& a discount for newsletter readers)
A new Kenko light is available from Lynn Fraser.

Food Is Not The Enemy: Stop the Food Fight is coming to Canada

Can we be in balance with the natural world?
David Shackleton’s latest post on finding balance with some possibly unconsidered life partners.

Animal Tracking, part 2: Common gait patterns

Carp Ridge Beaver Cam! Check it out on YouTube.

New Animal Tracking Series starting in March
Learn how to read nature’s poetry in the forest!

Amazing curry lentil soup ~ omg, it’s to die for. . .

Fashion This: your style your way (Food Fights, Chap 19)
Karen Secord is starting a new business with a fresh post about. . . fashion fascism?


The theme of the month is ANGER
Katherine Willow’s monthly diary.

Eat protein complete: simple quinoa pilaf with peas & almonds
We really should be hibernating right now, but since we can’t, let’s eat stuff!  

Natural solutions for oral health
Optimal mouth health doesn’t require expensive products or procedures that may be popular (yet harmful in the long run).

The ordeal, ahh, odyssey of the Learning Centre tents

Finding balance: How do we humans thrive?
We’re thrilled to have a new monthly columnist: David Shackleton explores the ‘endlessly interesting phenomenon’ of being in & out of balance as we navigate our human life.

Laura Stark ND prepares to return west to her home in March
She will be missed by many. . . . but Kealy Mann ND is returning!

A family visits the Healing House

Earthwyse Journey of Awakening’ online course now available from Lise Lillian

Want to learn the basics of animal tracking?
You could answer the question, Are there any bobcats around Carp Ridge? Read Chad Clifford’s primer on tracking animals — great fun in the winter! (Chad is another new post-person on the blog.)

Movie Review: Thrive
Conspiracy theory weirdness or a frightening view of world civilization? And what can we do about it?


Bring the sun indoors: Kenko Light full-spectrum desk lamp
Using a Kenko Light is like bringing natural daylight inside your home. It can help support natural sleep and waking cycles, better mood, daytime alertness and concentration.

Ho! Ho! Horrible! The feeder & the feedee ~ Food Fights #18
Read about Karen Secord’s dinner rendezvous with a ‘Feeder.’

Why would you be still & empty during the holidays?
A quieter take on the ending of the year.

Learning Centre 2012 programs: Winter Homeschooler session starts in January, plus more news & some pics of the new. . .

The untold story of frankincense: How this holiday-story herb is making a medical comeback

Carp Ridge Bee Diaries: the Beekeeper’s Apprentice (Eat your heart out Sorcerer’s Apprentice!)

A naughty & nice organic gingerbread cookie recipe!

Lillian’s hair: an amazing little girl
Lillian was raising money to help kids with cancer — but then something happened.

Healing House notes: Sadie, Mariah House, new pond cabin retreat

Pretty cool stuff to watch on YouTube
Open your mind to new possibilities for living and THRIVING on planet Earth.


Addicted to a revved up way of being: Katherine Willow`s monthly diary

Kealy Mann ND returns to clinic, as a mum!
Plus the ‘OMG that’s adorable’ pic.

Our very important lymphatic system: help it do its work with lymphatic drainage massage
As winter hibernation mode begins, we often become aware of fatigue and congestion. You can relieve that by being aware of LYMPH.

Have a look at the Moustaches. . . of Movember
Jay Young, Operations Manager of our Forest School programming, is now well into his Movember moustache cultivation (assisted by staff).  Check out his pic & make a donation to a great men’s health cause.

The Dreaded December? How to do a peaceful, low-stress holiday
If you are dreading the holiday season, come to an informal gathering about handling things differently this year!

A naughty & nice holiday treat recipe!

ND Residency = Reduced Clinic Rates: Laura Stark starts ND residency program at the Clinic
Work is well underway to create an accredited naturopathic residency program that will accept its first official resident in September 2012, and help lower charges for some of our clients.

Food Fights #17: There is power in loving me
Hold on to your weight scale girlfriend. Karen Secord is back with her ongoing sojourns through the world of eating & self-image with all its freak-outs, fallouts and free-for-alls.

Exercise in nature with Jasen Brousseau: Come try it, you’ll like it!

Meet Brenda Grey: find peace, master growth, share it with others

Healing House stories: Ongoing lives, & a passing over
Read more about Sadie and Mariah, posted last issue.

“Like” my helmet! A contest w/ prizes from Ottawa Public Health

The primary determinant of health & wellbeing is. . . .

Books-on-tape review: ‘Shannon’ by Frank Delaney, read by the author


Scattered, fearful, even a little crazy: Katherine Willow’s monthly diary

Healing House stories: Sadie

Mariah, a recent healing house guest, now keeps a blog at woman’s journey through the confusing world of health and healing.  The story of my experience with cancer, a different approach to health, and how to grow out of the mindset of fear.”

Ask a naturopath: What’s the best thing I can do to prevent flu this fall?

Community news update: Can you contribute skills to the Centre?

True energy & emotional healing: the amazing findings of epigenitics

JaMN: Come to Carp Ridge to fit-up outside instead of inside!

Carp Ridge Bee Diary: Was that really a bee, or was it a dino-bee?

Mmmmmm. . . a tabouli-style salad with quinoa

Some pics of our new ‘cabins-mural’

CETA will sell Canada to foreign corporations — time is short to stop it
A detailed trade bill between Canada and the European Union is really a deal between our government and corporations who want to purchase huge chunks Canada. Everything in our public trust is being examined to be sold off.


Katherine’s monthly natural health diary: Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t

CREWC Community Column: Meet Kaia Nightingale

Laura Stark ND: a new arrival at the clinic 

Please-Donate! Supplies recruiting drive at the Learning Centre

Meet a new Learning Centre staffer: Heather Andrachuk

Ask a Naturopath: Can cataracts be treated naturally?

Hope: Healing House stories, Amanda & Mariah


A surprise summer: Katherine Willow’s monthly health diary

Your’e invited: a ‘Music & Art’ launch of the NEW FOREST SCHOOL at Carp Ridge, Wed, Sept, 28th!

Breast massage: What is it and why is it important?

CREWC Community Column: Meet Kaia Nightingale

Laura Stark ND: a new arrival at the clinic 

JaMN: Learn how to move and eat naturally

Please-Donate! Supplies recruiting drive at the Learning Centre

Meet a new Learning Centre staffer: Heather Andrachuk

Ask a naturopathic doctor: Can cataracts be treated naturally?

Hope: Healing House stories, Amanda & Mariah

JULY 2011

The work of healing
Dr. Katherine Willow’s monthly natural health diary

Next ‘Life in Transition’ Heart Circle: Sat, July 23rd with Lise Lillian
Happy Summer everyone! Come and join us for our next Heart Circle for Mid-Summer creativity.  Mid-Summer is the time of the maturing what is growing in our lives and the first harvest of showing what our inspired actions are manifesting.

Intoduction to Mind-Body Medicine
Thursday, 28 June, 7pm – 8:30pm, clinic kitchen
Find out about the science of why and how our emotions have a direct impact on our health. Read more here at our main website.

What would you like to see for community-building development & programming at Carp Ridge?
Read a letter from Jay Young, Leader of Sustainable Education at the Learning Centre, inviting you to provide input about future programs at Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre.

Healing House stories: Amanda
We’ve re-opened the Healing House this year, and want to share the story of a recent guest who is fighting alcoholism.

BREAKING NEWS: Matriarchal Society of Compulsive Hoarders, Neat Freaks & Thieves found in Carp
Authorities worry there may be thousands at large.

Interested in managing the honeybee hive at Carp Ridge?
A note from one of our beekeepers, Monique Leger.

What the hell are we doing to ourselves. . .our girls. . .our community? (Food Fights, chapter 16)
I have gained 10lbs and I feel fat, as if that is something bad. I weighed 272 lbs. 16 months ago and felt okay. I weigh 170 lbs. today and feel obese.

Felix discovers gold!
Our Felix makes an amazing discovery while watering the garden.

Experience a healing, relaxing and grounding Reiki or Reflexology treatment with Lise Lillian

JUNE 2011

Life in the trenches’ final chapter
Dr. Katherine Willow’s monthly natural health diary

CREWC NOTEPAD: Staff news, events, new clinic diagnostic device, new website, & gadzukes! a growing garden!

Ask a Naturopathic Doctor: Breast cancer & mammograms

Massage therapy as a complementary treatment for depression and anxiety

Why I came to Carp Ridge Healing House

Liquid courage re-discovered: Karen Secord’s Food Fights 15

Limit further urban development of South March Highlands!

MAY 2011

I’m on the wagon
Dr. Katherine Willow’s monthly natural health diary

Q&A: Kealy Mann ND on toxin cleansing, nutrient replenishing and better health. PLUS a great smoothie recipe!

Is it hayfever? Ask a Naturopath

Carp-Ridge EcoWellness Centre: Places where we do outreach in the community of West Carleton

Calm your mind, nurture your body: weekly relaxation course thru May 12th

The things we don’t see~ Carp Ridge Bee Diary

Mirror, mirror on the wall: Women’s self image & phantom fat (Food Fights)
Karen Secord’s ongoing blog about bariatric surgery, weight loss and issues of body image.

Spring wildflowers from a bug’s eye view

APRIL 2011

This transitional season
Katherine Willow’s monthly natural health diary.

Why see an ND? A quick primer on Naturopathic Medicine

Ask a Naturopath: How do I get rid of Plantar’s warts?

Helping people live with cancer: Massage Therapy

Next ‘Life in Transition’ Heart Circle, Sat, April 30th

Photos of our ‘Families in Nature’ April Outing: early spring on Carp Ridge

Exercising my options (Food Fights, part 13)

MARCH 2011

Time for another step
Katherine Willow’s monthly natural health diary.

Should you eat soy? What are the alternatives?

Carp Ridge Forest Preschool airs on CBC’s The National; Homeschooler’s Wilderness program accepting Spring registration

What good is food? What food is good? (Food Fights #12)

Is it a cold or a flu, and what can I do about it?

A brief bio of Amber Young, RMT


Nourishing times
Katherine Willow’s monthly natural health diary.

Dr. Rebecca Word returning to the States
After several years at Carp Ridge, Reba and her family are going back home.

Lanark Eco-Village Project meeting, Sat, Feb 12th
The Lanark Eco-Village project is looking to create ecologically founded communities in Eastern Ontario.

Are you doing the right kind of drinking?
Karen Secord’s latest Food Fights (part 11) post talks about the most important beverage. UPDATE: Karen is in Central America this month working on the Guatemala Stove Project ~ and she’s keeping a blog:

Free Breast Health Talk, Monday, March 7th
Amber Young begins a series of presentations on vital women’s health issues.

We are all together one, in the spirit, in the heart
Some personal thoughts about retreating from a first-timer at recent Carp Ridge event.

Attend The Breath of Life: honoring the mystic within
Fri thru Sun, Feb 11-13


By the skin of my teeth
Katherine Willow’s monthly natural health diary

Food fights: The sweetest enemy (part 10)


Something new is coming
Katherine’s monthly natural health diary

Christmas Celebration & Social, plus a gift idea: Holiday Health Baskets from Carp Ridge

Energize for 2011 at a mid-winter meditation day with Lise Lillian

Heal with the Therapy of Touch

Carp Ridge Learning Centre’s Christmas Carol Night!

Give a gift of good health

Katherine Willow going on sabbatical

Carp Ridge Learning Centre accepting board member applications

Food Fights, part 8

CREWC practitioner seeks house rental~ do you need a good tenant?

Calling all healing professionals! Carp Ridge has what you want!


The strange process of healing: Natural health in the trenches

Come to our Mind-Body Healing with Spirit Retreat: Moving from Fear to Courage, Fri thru Sun, Nov 19-21

What is your sacred contract? Come to an ‘Earthwyse Journey’ healing circle and find out

Next BDDT-N approved Naturopathic CE courses for NDs: Sun, Nov 28th:

A note from Marlene Power Johnston, back at work at Carp Ridge

Carp Ridge Bee Diary: Sometimes I have bee dreams

Guess who’s getting married?

Thanking our volunteers with a Harvest Dinner!

Smiling with my heart: Food Fights, part 7

The Guatemala Stove Project

Sign-up for free local adult program for physical fitness, osteoporosis & fall prevention


Physician heal thyself ~ over & over!: Natural health in the trenches

Tours, tongues & tributes: the Natural Health Clinic on tour

This ‘health food’ killed baby rats in 3 weeks

Come to our Mind-Body Healing with Spirit Retreat: Moving from Fear to Courage, Fri thru Sun, Nov 19-21

Sun, Nov 7th Families in Nature outing: find out more by going to the Learning Centre’s Event page

Sign up for ‘Earthwyse Journey’ healing circles

Who are Kagiso & Zippy, and what are they doing at the Learning Centre?

Upcoming BDDT-N approved Naturopathic CE courses for NDs: Sun, Oct 17th & Sun, Nov 28th:

Free talk on fall cleansing & sign-up for BDDT-N approved CE courses on cleansing methods

Food-fights: Eat more? Say what!? (part 6)

Bioenergetics Workshop: Sunday, October 17th

Check out the new website for Galilee Centre in Arnprior.


A personal experience with allergies, Katherine Willow’s monthly natural health diary

Passing away: Jackie Unitt, Donald Secord

‘Earthwyse Journey’ healing circles start in October

Food Fights: stretched skin and other sexy stuff (part 5)

CREWC is the new training centre for naturopathic doctors

We’re talking about sex and natural curiosity at the Ottawa Women’s Show

Phenomenal Fall Cleansing: read about our free talk, cleansing retreat, and naturopathic CE courses in October

Bioenergetics Workshop: Sunday, October 17th

Don’t forget about our new practitioners for healing body & spirit

The Walk of Life Healing Tour of Ireland, October 24-31st


A mind enhancing experience: Natural health in the trenches

Staff Notes: Spiritual direction with Father Jack, Veronika Zhmurko starts in-house homeopathy, Marlene Power-Johnston goes to World Congress in Sweden

Walk of Life weekend retreats heal families, person by person

Homeschool Wilderness Fall Session starting soon

Celebrate the Autumn Equinox in a self-discovery workshop with Lise Nickerson

First Family Retreat ~ complete with bugs, poison ivy and the antidotes!

Meditation retreat in Costa Rica: January 2012

Attend our next Bioenergetics workshop for therapy, awareness & relaxation

Food fights, part 4: I challenge you!

Journey workshop endorsement from Katherine, and an inivitation to Journey at Carp Ridge

Healing House happenings: an invitation to our wellness guest lodging


Growing pains: Natural health in the trenches

Retreats: Learning, Growing, Playing. . . .

Food fights, part 3: Use it or lose it

A student’s journey at Carp Ridge Healing House

Travels in the imagination: Summer reading picks

Katherine speaks: taking the CREWC message to the community

Staff notes: Kim Callaghan, Veronika Zhmurko & Mike Nickerson

MAY 2010

Please help a wonderful orphanage in Haiti: A personal request by Grace Agostinho

New staff at Carp Ridge Natural Health Clinic: Kealy Mann, ND

Exciting changes as Healing House Project moves forward

Food-fights, part 2: A month hence

What’s it all about, Wendy Clouthier?

Asthma: A Naturopathic treatment approach

APRIL 2010:

Humbled Again. . . .

CREWC Annual Open House & BBQ! Sat, May 8, 2010, 11am 3pm

Reasons to spring cleanse

Waiting for you at Carp Ridge Healing House. . .

Katherine Willow at Women in the New Century, Sat, April 17, 2010

Food-fights ~ my relationship with my body and eating

Deb Weedmark departing clinic, Reba Word on maternity leave, Cindy Fleming reaches milestone

A note about financial sustainability at the clinic

MARCH 2010:

On the benefits of personal retreating
Time to cleanse ~ again!
Profound healing with JourneyWork
Advance notice for our first German New Medicine retreat, May 28-30!

Managing your weight naturally

CREWC community & spirituality gathering ~ Spring celebration & potluck
Ayurveda Wellness Certificate Program offered March 13-16th in Ottawa


“Do bees sleep in the honey?” Carp Ridge Bee Diary
What’s happening at Carp Ridge Healing House?

Carp Ridge retreat warms the soul

Volunteer opportunities on the ridge

Natural Solutions to Menopause (from a Healing House Free Talk)

Hearty shiitake mushroom miso soup

PMS webinar is a bust!

Using CranioSacral Therapy with Journeywork: a case study


Natural Health in an unnatural world!, Naturopathy in the trenches.
Winter wellness: January news & upcoming events at CREWC

Raising children for a life worth living

Going deeper at our winter meditation retreat ~ but not too deep!

Katherine’s first webinar attempt: Natural Solutions to PMS, an online seminar
CREWC intentions and philosophy ~ you’re invited to participate, for personal growth, spiritual   philosophy and planetary evolution

Triple-B winter comfort soup: beet & bean borscht
The Holy Man, a precious little work of fiction by Susan Trott

Relaxing into the steady breath: natural health in the trenches

Give a gift of wellness this Christmas with Healing House Gift Certificates
Going Deeper: Winter Meditation & Wellness Retreat
Hope Day, A gathering to heal grief and loss during the holidays
Tips to ease holiday hangover hell
Natural solutions for helping depression
Two new practitioners join the natural health clinic
Surprising new findings about Vitamin D
Ayurveda: Ancient medicine for modern times
Who turned the BIG 5-0 at Carp Ridge? Click to find out!

Should you get the H1N1 Swine flu shot?

November News & Upcoming Events at CREWC!
Homeopathic remedies for influenza
Consider an exciting new career in holistic healing
Sugar Blues: how to stop the craving and get real energy
Kitras Art Glass available at Carp Ridge

What do bees do in the winter?

Natural health in the trenches: Katherine’s day-to-day health diary

Naturopathic tips for Swine Flu

Bellies, Boobs & Babes! Part 3: Babes and mums, together at last

Lots of news at Healing House (& a delicious soup recipe)

October events at CREWC, plus some bits & bobs
October seminar: Sustainable economic solutions to global economic problems

Carp Ridge Healing House: Moving forward in leaps & bounds

Fall Getaway Retreat Specials at Healing House

Transformational eating (with tasty recipes!)
Bellies, Boobs & Babes! Part 2: A bun in the oven

Ayurvedic MD Dr. Gupta joins CREWC team

Healthy home tips: How to avoid fire retardants

Clinic Notes: new cancellation policy, Deb Weedmark certified
A look inside Carp Ridge Healing House
Relieve swelling during the summer
Ginkgo, pre-dinosaurian sex & vitality tonic

JULY 2009
Summer retreat high(and low)lights

Bellies, boobs & babes! A brief naturopathic pregnancy guide
Some unexpected demos at Summer health talk
Why are these the ‘Dog Days’ of summer?
A hidden danger of retreats

JUNE 2009
The holistic dental connection, an overview

Health problems & disease: the toxic chemical link

A choice in every moment?
The 4 pillars of good health
The best garden book — ever!

MAY 2009
What is a relationship, really?

Putting flu pandemics in perspective: some non-scary thoughts

MediDirect health, dental & wellness benefit program
Electrohypersensitivity encore

Why you should have a spring sauna

APRIL 2009
‘Calling All Women’ workshop a success

Food pesticide safety
What the heck is BPA?

Women’s bodies wanted for art show
New ‘Energy Medicine’ diagnostic device: the Hadoscan