Patricia Wall

Intuitive healer Patricia Wall has been a friend for a number of years and recently we had lunch to catch up on our lives. She described being invited to an equinox gathering of almost 700 people in Florida and the exercise she facilitated. I could feel the energy just listening to her and asked if she would do something similar at Carp Ridge for solstice.

On Saturday, Jun 20, about thirty of us followed Trish as she guided us in an exquisite visualization of our energy centres called chakras and sounds that are generated from them. We were given cards ahead of time that suggested which one to focus on personally. Afterwards, she generously answered questions from each person who lined up to find out the meaning of their personal chakra. My own experience was of many colours and sounds coming together in a delicious feeling of lightness!

All in all, it was a beautiful celebration and we thank Trish for taking the time from writing and developing courses to share her gifts with us. Trish will be one of the speakers at the Carp Healing Circles, keep posted for the date and time.