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After a year of cleaning up, restructuring and tending to family, CREWC will re-open this fall with programs on health, healing and sustainability; spaces to rent for holistic health practitioners and workshops; an online store; and a holistic assessment service.

For those of you who haven’t visited Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre, it’s on 190 acres of rocky wilderness overlooking the Carp River valley, about thirty minutes northwest of downtown Ottawa. Trails wind through magical wetlands filled with wildlife. White pines, ash, spruce and ironwood are home to songbirds, hawks and owls. There is a holistic clinic, a learning centre, a yurt, two straw bale cabins, a pond cabin and three colourful office cabins as well as two tents on platforms, each with their own woodstove and composting toilet which practitioners can rent for treatments or workshops. A large deer-fenced garden awaits planting and is growing wild medicinal herbs in the meantime…

Over these last eighteen years we have run programs ranging from holistic family retreats to professional development courses for doctors of all stripes. CREWC hosted the first Forest School in North America, which continues in the form of Ridgewoods Outdoor Programs for 3-6 year old children run by experienced teacher Sara Raeesi.

However, the central activity at CREWC has been the Carp Ridge Natural Health Clinic, now simply Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre, where many conditions were treated, including cancer. For several years we also offered a Healing House where patients could stay, be nourished with healthy food according to their body type and condition, and cared for by a team of holistic practitioners.


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The results we saw amazed even ourselves. After starting to use a new concept of disease and healing called German New Medicine, we witnessed many cancer patients recovering without their treatments. In ten years we saved our provincial health insurance (OHIP) over two million dollars. Now we would like to put our experience into programs to pass on this extraordinary knowledge, both to the public and other health care practitioners.

Starting this fall after an open house in September, there will be classes such as meditation, body types & cooking; health assessment services; and products for health, healing and a sustainable lifestyle. We will begin offering monthly healing circles by donation in the village of Carp to introduce the idea of emotional work being as important as diet, exercise and adequate sleep. And I’m pleased to announce that the Ask a Naturopathic Doctor column will restart in Tone! Please email your questions to

Please be aware that I will be out of the office from January 13 to February 14, 2014 to support my own healing process!  If you need naturopathic care during that time, please book in with another practitioner in the clinic and we will work together for your continued journey toward health.


by Karen Secord

Our staff have worked tirelessly over the summer to further enhance the comfort and restfulness of Carp Ridge Healing House, both inside and outside. Carol McGuire, with the energetic help of Carla Brown, has transformed the “wedding garden” back to its previous glory and created a lovely outdoor sanctuary on the patio for our guests to enjoy. Sandy Rawson is our Miss Fix-It. She has painted and caulked and hammered  to complete the HH’s few remaining finishing touches.

In June, the Healing House had a new well installed. And we are thrilled to announce that in August central air was installed. Carla’s move to her new office in the Clinic was completed the last week in August and the HH staff has set up an efficient admin space where Carla once was. We now have our own computer, printer and storage area. We’re holding monthly meeting’s here and we love it!

Over the past few months, the HH staff have been certified in CPR and First Aid. They have taken the Food Handler’s Certification Course and participated in numerous nutritional cooking classes with Cindy Fleming. Indeed, they have even been on a field trip to area farmers’ markets — in the pouring rain — to learn tips about purchasing organic produce.

Recently they attended a lecture by Kahdija Haffajee ( Winner of the City of Ottawa Civic Appreciation Award, 2009) hosted by the Friends of Hospice Ottawa. She spoke with great passion about the Muslim way of living, with emphasis on attitudes towards illness and death. This month Sandy and Carol will begin a 10-week course on Palliative Care. Katherine Willow (ND & Director of CREWC) is scheduled to join us for lunch one afternoon for an informal seminar on meditation and yoga. Our goal is to make these learning sessions a monthly event.

Thanks to Dave Ferreira we have a bright, appealing and easier to navigate website at New features include staff biographies, an updated registration package, new rates and packages. Check out our Carp Ridge Healing House Guest Specials! The Healing House is for everyone. Come visit us and find out why.

Kim Trott has joined us as a part-time HH Host. She brings with her an enthusiasm that is infectious, years of practical caregiving experience and a genuine interest in holistic health care. Welcome to the team, Kim!

I am Karen Secord. I was hired by Healing House Canada as a project manager, to bring all the bits and pieces together so that the full potential of the HH idea can be realized. I was involved in developing the Healing House concept initially and I’m privileged to be able to assist the team in moving the project forward.

Our goal in the upcoming months is to spread the word about the benefits of the Healing House. We want to do as many tours (one-on-one and group) and outside presentations as possible. We are ready for the world to know more about us! Please help us promote what we know is one of the best ways to nurture yourself or someone you love (Ask us about Gift Certificates!).

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