There are only 2 spots left for the dieta in the Pucallpa area of the Amazon jungle, April 16-26. $1450 covers initial hotel, all accommodation, food (such as it is – purificatory diet) ceremony and medicines, shamanic crystal healing + flight down. The retreat is on a lake, offering swimming. There are guided walks into the jungle. Shamans are Papa Miky and a Shipibo I called Gilberto who has been doing this work since he was 12 – I’ve heard beautiful things about him – very humble man. Good for detox, shadow work, aligning with soul purpose, getting free from addictions. I hear of people who go to cure cancer and diabetes too. The group so far consists of healers, meditators, an MD and another medical person – i.e. I figure we’re in pretty good hands. We have until New Years Eve – after that the places will be filled from Peru’s side. For information or to reserve your spot, please contact Kaia Nightingale directly