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After much kafuffle, our solar panels have been approved under the government micro-fit program: we send them electricity, they send us money which pays off the panels. Here’s to moving forward with sustainable energy…

Solar Panels


Liquid Gym in Bells Corners is World Class! If you are interested in recovering from an injury or stroke or simple wanting to build your muscle strength, the newly opened Liquid Gym in Bells Corners provides top-of-the-line exercise equipment–UNDER WATER! This will definitely be a place we will use for referrals… Check it out yourself.

Liquid Gym – Ottawa Citizen article Dec. 2

1. We have amber glasses to wear in the evening in order to prevent the suppression of melatonin—which is required for healing!
2. Local organic sunflower oil from Kricklewood Farm to replace butter over vegetables, for salad dressings and for softening and conditioning the skin.  Great Xmas gift.
The children played, sang and gave the rest of us much joy...

The children played, sang and gave the rest of us much joy…

It was a familiar scene for the old Carp Memorial Hall: families, seniors and singles getting together for a meal, children playing, people singing a few carols and the community raising food and funds for those less fortunate.
The Dec 8 event was a group effort, with volunteers from the Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre, funding from the Carp Ridge Learning Centre, (a registered charity), donations of food from growers at the Carp Farmer’s Market and individuals contributing their cooking and help setting up and cleaning up!

Mother and daughter Tanya and Jessica enjoy the event (and were a huge help in setting up and tearing down--big thanks!)

Mother and daughter Tanya and Jessica enjoy the event (and were a huge help in setting up and tearing down–big thanks!)

The goal of this event is many-pronged: to fund raise for the local food bank (7 large boxes and $1100); increase awareness of our local food supply; share knowledge of nutritious eating; support area families and seniors; bring community together as sponsors/speakers; strengthen our network of sustainable services; and learn tools for healthy living in the often stressful modern world.

Naturopathic doctor Chelsey Corrigan talks about the benefits of replacing white sugar and artificial sweeteners with healthier alternatives.

Naturopathic doctor Chelsey Corrigan talks about the benefits of replacing white sugar and artificial sweeteners with healthier alternatives.

The theme for this first dinner and talk was Healthy Sweeteners, with naturopathic doctor Chelsey Corrigan separating out “the good, the bad and the ugly”, encouraging us to replace our white sugar and artificial sweeteners with more wholesome and natural varieties which were on display for people to try.  A useful handout will no doubt be pinned to several fridges!

The Craig twins add their festive spirits.

The Craig twins add their festive spirits.

Almost fifty people of all ages attended, with much appreciation for the healthy and delicious food cooked mainly by holistic chef Kim Trott from Carp.  The highlights were shepherd’s pie with sweet potatoes, a chickpea curry with coconut milk and an apple-rhubarb crisp with yogurt and local maple syrup.

Thanks go to the following donors of food: Dobson Farms/grass-fed beef; Nelson Water Systems for purified water and a stand; Maple Holme Sugar Bush for syrup; ServiPro Farm for some crispy Jerusalem artichokes; Chamomile Desjardins for his famous hot sauce; the Hemp Cookie Company for gluten-free hemp cookies; Russell and Abigail Corbett for their splendid raw honey; Kricklewood Farm for local organic, cold-pressed sunflower oil; tasty apples from Harvest Moon Orchard; a fabulous bean dip made by Sallie Storey; and delectable devilled eggs concocted by Sandy Rawson.

The next dinner and talk will sometime in the New Year.  If you are interested in helping or would simply like to attend, please contact Carla Brown at: 613-839-2224 or check for more information.

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It’s December and we’re heading toward one of the most challenging times of the year: Christmas holidays.  We’ve taken the lowest point of the four seasons, when we are meant to be hibernating, internal and quiet in order to rejuvenate for spring and made it into a marathon of activity.

I have seen months of healing progress go up in smoke, mine included, in the few weeks before and after Christmas and have thought long and hard about how to deal with this drain on our collective  energies.  Even people who love this holiday end up depleted in January!

How do we keep our balance with pressures around weather, family, food, time and money?

1. Plan ahead for some down time.  Strategize for how little we can do.  Holiday expectations in our culture are TOTALLY UNREALISTIC.  Break out of the box and bring our families with us.  Expose the myth of being able to see all of our relatives, give everyone cards or gifts, stay up late, drink alcohol and eat rich food for weeks in a row, go to a ridiculous number of social gatherings and remain cheerful and sane.

2. Take a complete break occasionally.  See family in the summer when the energy is higher and it’s not snowing.

3. Sleep a lot.  Refuse to shop, get a tree or bake unless it nourishes us and involves healthy ingredients.  No one will notice, everyone else is on a Christmas adrenaline rush.

4. Alternatively, plan physical activities outside in the snow that are gentle.  Refrain from pursuing sports which are draining at this time of year; it’s a season to slow down.  If we go on a ski holiday, let’s ski for half of the day and rest for the other half.

5. Singing Christmas music is good for our soul.

6. So is setting aside time for meditation, prayer and spiritual gatherings.

7. If we have small children, let’s do the minimum…creatively.  Let’s develop new family rituals that are slow and healing for us.  The little ones will benefit most.

8. Be honest with ourselves about how we are feeling.  It’s when we pretend to be jolly and we’re really exhausted that we override our immunity.   This might be the most important piece.

9. About charity: it starts at home and then we can give it out.  Christmas time shows us how balanced we have been the rest of the year by how much we have left to give.

10. Travel.  The only way to have this be successful is to come back in April!  Going away for a week is just a tease and requires about 2-3 weeks recovery time.

11.  Vow off sugar and wheat and whatever else aggravates us.  Start in October for best results.  This is easier if we provide a lot of healthy protein snacks to stem the cravings.  Best combined with number three as it’s almost impossible to fight cravings when we’re tired…

Christmas has the silver lining of reflecting the state of our balance, awareness and kindness toward ourselves in the previous year and motivating us to have a better year moving forward.  All the best to all of us in creating some rest, relaxation and rejuvenation in our holidays!
Katherine Willow N.D.

It’s a mild, snowy Tuesday morning.  A cup of detox tea is brewing.

–Immediately I hear some of you protesting, “But you always told us to stop detoxifying as soon as it gets cold!”

Yes, I know.  Despite the season, I’m on a gentle winter cleanse: mostly off eggs, dairy, wheat, sugar, chocolate, soy and red meat for the month, right through Christmas!  Adding in a bit of milk thistle, staying warm (the tea has ginger in it, which helps), daily rebounding, taking hot/cold showers and ongoing inner work complete the regime.

I’ve done this before and loved avoiding all the Christmas “treats”, which are offered EVERYWHERE, resulting in overload, lethargy and then depression and continued bad eating when the festivities are long over.  There are so many delicious healthy foods that I in no way feel deprived.   And it gives me more energy for family, friends and work.  To be honest, I get a little irate about this overabundance of awful food disguised as goodwill and need to breathe and let it go.  Done…smile…

You’ve probably noticed that my slowing down continues: the German New Medicine (Mind Body) Intros are stopping and I’m taking some time off in the New Year.  As light begins to show at the end of this workaholic tunnel, my body and mind start to believe that I’m serious, that there will truly be a time of balance where healing can happen.  My energy is beginning to pick up, my mind is clearing, my thoughts about myself experiencing a normalcy that’s never been.  Instead of the flip-flop of feeling worthless or better than everyone else, (yeah, it gets bad sometimes…), I can just be a regular person with skills and flaws like anyone else.   In lurches.  It’s not a straight road forward.

The best parts are the spiritual glimpses.  Replacing despair and arrogance with humility brings a delicious surrender and acceptance.

Working with my staff helps me move in this direction.  As I’ve been quite irritable over the past few months, it has affected the lovely people around me, which has caused pain, both in them and in myself.  This has been deeply motivating to move into a better state—and not in a straight line either; there have been many apologies.

This is all part of the healing, shedding old garbage that is physical, emotional and mental.  It makes me feel very positive about the New Year.

wishing you grace on your journey and rest over the holidays…


As for this monthly blog, it is good for me.   Thank you so much for your empathetic listening!  I’ll post it on the website and our new Facebook page, which I don’t use myself, but am told is a good way to communicate.

Registered charity Carp Ridge Learning Centre meets monthly to organize and support programs which improve the health of our community.
If you are interested in coming to a meeting to see if it moves you to join, please contact president Jacqui Ehninger at
One of our projects is the Carp Dinner and Talk series, the next of which will be in the New Year – Watch our events page for updates.
We are a fun and positive group to work with—come and share your skills and talents!
Contact person is Lori at
It is with regret that I’m ending the monthly talks on German New Medicine for now.  We have DVD’s by GNM expert Ilsedora Laker for sale in the clinic and you can go to her website,  for information in the meantime.
Thanks to all who participated in these meetings.
Katherine Willow N.D.
Please be aware that I will be out of the office from January 13 to February 14, 2014 to support my own healing process!  If you need naturopathic care during that time, please book in with another practitioner in the clinic and we will work together for your continued journey toward health.

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