from Amber Young, RMT

IMG_0616This is a difficult, yet exciting letter  for me to write.  I joined the Natural Health Clinic at Carp Ridge in March of 2011 and it has been a truly incredible experience working in such an inspiring and soul-nurturing natural environment, with a dedicated team of remarkable practitioners.

I am honoured to have the trust of such amazing individuals whom I have been privileged to support and work with on all your journeys to health and wellness.

For all of these reasons and more, it brings up an array of emotions as my time as a member of this health care team comes to an end.  As I step away from my practice at Carp Ridge, I also prepare for the arrival of my second baby, who is expected to arrive in early-mid September.

Thank you to the community at Carp Ridge for all of your support through this pregnancy, which I know continues as I leave my practice.  I have so much gratitude to those I have worked with on my table, in my treatment room, and every workshop I have taught at Carp Ridge.

As with every treatment and course I give, I find I learn so much more about the individual as a whole and how we heal -– you are all truly amazing teachers and for that I thank you.

I will not be returning to Carp Ridge after my wee one is born, but rather focusing my clinical practice in Almonte at Absolute Massage Therapy, a short walk from my home which makes more sense for our family with our new baby.  This has been a very difficult decision for me, but I have based it upon the best scenario for my family.

I encourage you to continue your care with one of the wonderful massage therapists at Carp, Gwen and our new therapists Jennifer and Deanna — please read more about them on our website.  If you need to reach me for any reason regarding your care with me, my contact details will be available through reception at Carp Ridge.

I expect to be back in-clinic in Almonte part-time as early as November, 2013.  As per the College of Massage Therapists rules and regulations, it is my professional responsibility to ensure your file of our work together will be kept confidential and stored in a locked and secure location for a period of 10 years. So your Carp Ridge patient files will be kept at Carp Ridge Natural Health Clinic.  If you require a copy of your file and/or would like its contents forwarded on to me in Almonte, please speak to Colette and she will have you sign a release form to have a copy sent over to my office.

Thank you again for your trust in my care, it has been an honor working with you and supporting you to reach your healthcare goals.  I hope I have played a role in helping you to attain those goals in body and mind.

All the best to each and every one of you, in health and happiness,