Tapping refers to EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique and has been making a huge breakthrough in the world of healing.  All levels of pain respond to this simple process.

tappingIn my own experience, back pain since over a year that was waking me up at night became 50% better in three days of tapping and I now sleep through the night.  One of my patients with unbearable allergies for whom no natural remedies were helping tapped her way to total relief in hours.  Another patient significantly decreased her terror of her cancer diagnosis.  And the list goes on.

In light of this possibility, we’ve ordered 100 copies of Nick’s book for the clinic and are passing on the savings.  His writing manner is one of complete open-heartedness and wanting everyone to experience healing.  It’s like having a friend hold your hand when you are feeling pain.

The book tells you everything you need to know to start tapping (on specific acupuncture points) and discover how this can be helpful on your own healing path and that of your family, as it can easily be done with children.

Let us know your success stories — and also where you get stuck!

Katherine Willow ND