by Lorna E. Klassen

There’s a power in those earth-quaking waveswaves
Pounding the beach
Slamming the land
So insistent it wakes me and takes me
Far away from sleep and dreams.

Adjectives begin to pale as
Huge, giant, massive are over-used
And under-perform.

Sleep seems lily-livered now
The weak way out.
The sea says listen, listen
Makes those changes
Don’t disappoint your soul
Don’t let your mind trick you back into the old ways
And fool your body into dis-ease.

Paradise pounding, pounding.stairway-paradise
Don’t go back.
The way home is a vision quest,
A scared path.

Be mindful of the pits, the fears,
And choose better, choose differently.
No more passive longing
Or suffering, defeating language.
We can do it, say the waves,
So can you.

Going from calm to wild surges
Because the tides, the winds,
The currents say now is the time.
The great salt sea feverishly insists
Get her attention!
Stop the madness!
Repeats the divine declaration
You were born for this.

Thy will can be done.
Believe as never before.
Listen to your blood, your cells, your breath,
They want health and balance.
They heed not to anything other than the best for you.

Quieter for a few minutes
Letting the Pacific roll and swell again.
Then pounding, the pounding.
You are forgiven
Have always been forgiven.
You are divine
Have always been divine.
Human form is a complex arrangement
Of simple needs.

Melt the fishhooks of the pastmermaid-whale
Cut the nets
Set the buoys free from stagnant ways.
Swim with the mermaids
Sing with the whales
Ride the surf surges
Laughing all the way.

You are awake now,
And there is more aliveness to discover.
Listen again.
The waves will repeat and pound
Until you recognize
Your birthright and salvation.


written Thursday, March 23, 2013
About 3 am
Punta Perula, Mexico