from Lynn Fraser 

kenko-magflexIt’s for gardeners, golfers, office workers — anyone who needs lower back support.

MagFlex is the only back support that features the latest development in magnetic design, patent-pending DynaFlux magnetic technology. DynaFlex features a series of individual magnets placed in polar opposition (positive or negative poles facing each other) at several points. The magnetic field is intensified in each of these areas resulting in greater depth penetration.

The DynaFlux system in the MagFlex holds the opposing magnets in place yet allows for a precisely controlled degree of movement. When a DynaFlux disc is applied against a surface, any movement of that surface will cause slight shifts in angle, as the opposing magnets change position relative to each other. These polar shifts create the active or dynamic magnetic field. There is 100% magnetic coverage.

MagFlex includes TriPhase Technology, combining magnetism with Nikken Far-Infrared Technology and Negative-Ion Technology. Far-Infrared Technology absorbs energy from multiple sources – ambient temperature, body heat – and reflects it as energy in the far-infrared portion of the spectrum. Far-infrared energy has a gentle soothing effect.

Negative-Ion Technology features natural minerals that release these electrically-charged molecules. High levels of negative ions are present in natural settings such as forests or near waterfalls, and provide a tranquil, relaxed feeling.

The MagFlex is made of a durable yet highly flexible material. It is perforated for ventilation and has a thin profile, so that the MagFlex is comfortable for wear sitting or standing, all day.

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