by Katherine Willow

moon-newit was the new moon February 10th and it’s in aquarius.  i know this because becoming aware of astrological influences is part of the healthy through the seasons program.

it’s novel and delightful information. . . new moon to receive and full moon to manifest, another natural cycle with which to attune. . .

no one else is here.  i light candles, put on sacred music, burn incense and turn out lamps.

i want to dance but my body needs quiet to heal my low back.  Instead I lay out a beautiful quilt and lie down spread-eagled, marvelling at the freedom I feel — i’m not craving anyone or anything.

my mind flies out into the darkness and i vividly feel the cold, crisp air and sense the energies in the potent space all around me, the field called the Mind of God in which we are immersed. . . i return and go the other way. . . in, in, in. . . feeling my old tensions held in a huge awareness of how life moves in cycles, unimaginable cycles of thousands and millions of years of stretching into its potential and back again.

i see how all of the pain and violence we inflict on each other and the earth is not who we are; that we are an infinite potential of love and creativity. . . and that life will forever move in cycles expressing itself. . . that it doesn’t matter how long it takes because it’s all a circle. . . and that when we really see this, life loses its stress. . .

there’s nothing to do except let go. . . attune to the cycles and join in the process with more and more consciousness until we realize that we are the source of who we are and have been creating this reality all along. . . being in the image of our maker makes perfect sense in this moment.

moon-quartertomorrow i will come back to normal consciousness, wash dishes, feed people and welcome felix from his weekend away.  this glimpse will fade in everyday life and resurface in another window, moving me toward my soul in spirals of time along with my fellow human spirits.

at this moment i am clear about this.  tomorrow maybe not so much.  the normal process of awakening, learning, growing and awakening some more, smile. . .

the music ends.  perfect timing.

sending you faith in life,

Several days later I am re-mired in balancing too many things, straining to take care of everyone around me as well as myself.  The new moon glimpse is eons away and feels a little scary.  This is where I really live for now, believing I’m a body and worried about the state of the world.

But there has been a tiny shift. . . hard to put into words. . . spiritual reality a little more real in the middle of this phase of material existence. . .

Artwork image: First Quarter Moon Goddess by Raphael Labro