sun2What if you could switch on the sun at will?

The Nikken KenkoLight™ II full-spectrum lamp is like capturing a ray of natural sunlight to bring indoors – for a rainy day, or any day, any hour.

Human beings depend on sunlight to thrive and stay healthy. The KenkoLight II provides more natural “daylight” for our daylight hours, during any season.

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How it Works 

Spending hours under artificial light is less than ideal for many reasons. Ordinary fluorescent or incandescent light bulbs offer only a limited part of the light spectrum — not the broad, consistent range of wavelengths that the sun provides.

The KenkoLight II produces balanced, full-spectrum light similar to sunlight. It provides the wavelengths you’re missing when you’re indoors — especially during the colder, darker months of winter.  Most people are indoors 90% of the time and often get little or no full-spectrum natural light.


For Any Age

Research indicates that older adults who are exposed to light at the blue portion of the range (the wavelengths that are largely absent from ordinary lighting) sleep better at night.

Other studies suggest that full-spectrum illumination may help in improving sleep and learning ability in adolescents.

KenkoLight II uses advanced LED technology that produces a steady stream of soft illumination. Ordinary fluorescent and incandescent bulbs create a flickering effect that may cause eyestrain and fatigue.

The KenkoLight II eliminates flicker and glare for lighting that is easier on the eyes at all ages.

Because KenkoLight II helps support the natural sleep-wake cycle, it complements any lifestyle.

The advantages of full-spectrum light can be enjoyed by everyone and should be, since the KenkoLight II is easy to use and affordable to operate.

Green Power

Whether for yourself or as a gift, the KenkoLight II keeps giving. Its advanced LED technology consumes less than 30% of the electricity used to operate a single 40-watt incandescent bulb.  Read that statement again; that’s really amazing!

Over time that represents a real savings in electrical power in your pocketbook. And KenkoLight is designed to last. The expected service life of the LED array is approximately 10 times longer than a fluorescent tube and 60 times longer than a light bulb.

The KenkoLight II is more environmentally friendly in other ways. It does not pose the danger presented by fluorescent tubes, for example, which contain mercury.

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