by Lynn Fraser

kenko-comforterNikken comforters provide advanced technologies to promote better sleep and relaxation. Quality sleep is one of the most important steps toward good health. Nikken technology can help you sleep more comfortably.

The Nikken comforter creates a cocoon of magnetism to surround the sleeper in a magnetic field, replicating the conditions that human beings enjoy in a natural sleep environment.

kenko-comforterIn all Nikken comforters, far-infrared, ceramic-reflecting fibers provide soft, natural warmth. Staying comfortable -– not too cold or hot –- can help you sleep better. If you are too hot, the heat is dispelled. If you are cold, the heat is reflected back on to you.

The Ionic Comfort Technology in the Kenko Dream Comforter and Kenko Dream Light Comforter is inspired by the air found in natural settings.

Large amounts of negative ions are present in the air in forests and near waterfalls -– an atmosphere noted for its relaxing and invigorating qualities.

Chitocotton fibers are woven to incorporate chitosan, an all-natural substance that can help keep bedding smelling clean and fresh.

Nikken comforters are lighter than most comforters or duvets. Ordinary heavier comforters tend to weigh you down, resulting in greater fatigue when you awake. With the Nikken comforters, you choose the weight you prefer.

The Kenko Dream Comforter is designed for all-season use. For those who live in warmer climates or prefer a lighter covering, the Kenko Dream Light comforter includes the same features in a lighter-weight design.

The elegant style and fine fabric of the Nikken Kenko Comforters is equal to any expensive comforter or duvet.

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