by Lynn Fraser

The experts agree: Even the most active person spends hours each day sitting down.

If your workday, your lifestyle or your health put you in this position, you might as well make the most of it – with emphasis on “well”. The new KenkoSeat 11 was designed to do just that.

KenkoSeat 11 is the combination of high technology and natural materials that create a relaxing and revitalizing feel.

Nikken SpyderRAM technology was selected for use in the KenkoSeat 11. This design places a series of spheroid, 800-1,000-gauss magnets in a flexible, web-like matrix. With that unique flexibility the magnetic field can adjust and conform to an adjacent surface.

Additionally, each magnet is precisely aligned in relation to the others, to provide overlapped or staggered fields of energy and maximize the number of angles.

Human beings lived within the Earth’s magnetic field for thousands of years, until modern civilization removed its influence. Nikken SpyderRAM Technology helps to create an environment more similar to our original, natural surroundings.

The KenkoSeat 11 features a pure, 100% natural latex core. Latex is inherently antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. Its open-cell structure provides a natural venting system that resists heat and moisture buildup. Latex is also highly resilient, which provides both firm support and flexibility. It resists sagging and remains supportive for many years. As a natural substance, latex does not contain the chemicals present in polyurethane foam or other artificial seat materials. It is a completely renewable source.

The nylon cover has a smooth surface and is ventilated for breathability, for temperature regulation and comfort in any climate. Adjustable straps allow the pad to be attached easily and securely to any standard seat or chair. The KenkoSeat 11 is removable just as quickly, and it is portable for convenience.

The KenkoSeat Experience

I’ve been a truck driver for 22 years. After a few weeks of using the KenkoSeat 11, I definitely noticed a difference. It’s tough, durable and comfortable, and I feel less fatigued as the end of the day. Stretching and eating a healthy diet in the meantime can help, but there are benefits to being comfortable while driving all day. The main thing is my back isn’t as sore or tight, and I have increased flexibility and mobility.

I’d like to keep using the KenkoSeat. Whatever’s in there, that cushion works!”
~ Dave S., driver

My own introduction to the KenkoSeat occurred on a business trip to Toronto. When we arrived at our destination, my companions stepped out of the vehicle with no negative effects from having been seated (on a KenkoSeat) for several hours. My experience was another story. I had to be helped out of the car and I had difficulty walking. It was suggested that I borrow a KenkoSeat for the return trip. When I arrived home, I stepped out of the car and walked as though I had only been sitting for a short period of time.

Students with ADHD sitting on a KenkoSeat say they feel more settled. The magnetic component helps to balance the negative effects of working on assistive technology (computer, laptop, i-pad, i-phone). An added benefit is they are able to concentrate for a longer period of time.

People who spend time in a wheelchair experience increased circulation while seated on the KenkoSeat. The firm cushioned support promotes correct posture for the back. The easy care nylon cover allows for ventilated year-round comfort.

For more information contact Lynn Fraser, Nikken Wellness Consultant & Healthy Child Healthy World partner.


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