One of the more common referrals I make in my practice is for Journey processes with registered or in-training practitioners and taking the introductory workshop for patients to learn how to resolve old emotional issues.

(See last month’s post about the Ottawa September workshop here.)

For this reason, the Journey organization offered us a $50 commission for each person we refer to their workshops.  Since we simply gave this back to the participants, there is now a $50 discount for the folks we refer.

If you’re intending to sign up for the Journey Intensive in Ottawa this Sep 21-23, please enter the code ECO when registering to receive this discount.

I’ll be there as a support person and hope to see some of you!


For more info and to register:
Toll free: 1-855-625-6876 (new Canadian website)

Fri – Sun workshop, Sept. 21 – 23

Journey Intensive Weekend with Brandon Bays and Marie-Sylvie Roy
Chimo Inn: 1199 Joseph Cyr Street