Workshop leader: David Shackleton
9am – 3pm at the Learning Centre
Cost: $60 per person

(For more info on the workshop contact David at or call 613-839-1179 to reserve a spot)

This one day workshop will look deep into current economic and cultural practices to see how we get unknowingly trapped into resource-wasting behaviours, and will offer practical options for making personal changes.

Using building with salvaged materials as one aspect of a more earth-friendly lifestyle, the workshop will feature opportunities for personal revisioning and also the physical examination of a new building on site that was constructed using approximately 50% salvaged material.


  1. Why our current economy doesn’t support the reuse of materials.
  2. How to create a reuse focus in your own life.
  3. Lifestyle implications of a personal reuse philosophy.
  4. Limitations of building with salvaged materials.
  5. An example of a building constructed with about 50% salvaged materials.
  6. Personal visioning around achieving greater reuse of materials in your own life.

David Shackleton has made the reuse of materials into a personal hobby of many years, and is currently adding the use of salvaged materials as a business focus for his construction and renovation work.

He is an experienced workshop leader who offers interactive and experiential processes for sustained learning.