As the skies pour down their life-giving rains, the earth opens up and most graciously drinks her belly full!

The rains have arrived, and not a moment too soon.  As many gardeners and farmers this year can attest to, the nearly two month drought has presented more than a few challenges and many heartaches for the tending and growing of vegetables and other green things that struggle to make their way up through the dry soil towards the sun.

Some relief has finally arrived, and we graciously accept the abundance the sky has bestowed upon the earth and all her children below! We are happy to report that vegetables are indeed coming to fruition.  After much difficulty, we are seeing cauliflower, brussell sprouts, zucchini and cabbage all coming through after nearly coming to an early end. . . .

We also have an abundance of various tomato varieties and root vegetables such as beets and radishes that have been doing quite well all season.  We look forward to finally getting to taste some of these wonderful veggies that we’ve toiled over for so long.

Some landscaping work has also been undertaken in our happy, little garden space.  Pathways comprised of woodchips have been laid out and a grand, new entrance gate built and installed between two towering cedar posts.  We feel only the best is deserving of our little corner of heaven. . . !

The next project we’re undertaking is the design and construction of a central cedar trellis that will sit in the very middle of the garden.  This will provide a quiet place for those who wish to meet or sit quiety in the garden space and enjoy her beauty.

Our two German helpers, who have been an invaluable help in weeding, watering and assisting in the general maintenance of our garden space over the last month, have finally returned to their homes across the pond.  We are grateful for all their help and wish them the very best on the next leg of their journey.

As always, all are welcome to come and visit our humble little garden and even lend a helping hand if they feel so motivated.  We hope that some of the love we’ve put into the garden will be felt by those who see it, and if it is, our hearts will happy and content.

Happy gardening!

Matt Selic