Johannes Welsch will perform pieces from the album, ‘Sound Creation’, featuring special guest Ian Hepburn on harp.

SAT, JULY 21 AT 8 PM (Doors open 7:15 PM)

Admission $20 ~ register by email or phone: or 613-832-0896

“The important factor on SOUND CREATION is Welsch’s use of different-sized gongs depending on the piece, allowing him to create minimal but dense compositions that utilize every aspect of his instrument’s range, one that in the hands of Welsch, expands in surprising and enthralling ways. This is an album as restrained and persistent as anything produced by the key figures of minimalist, transcendental tone music. SOUND CREATION is obviously intended by its creator to tie into primordial notions of reality and self, and it succeeds insofar as every track, when played loud, seems to fill and expand the body, the subtle vibrations of each and every gong resonating with something deeply human.” (Joseph Burnett,

“SOUND CREATION (CD by Deep Listening Institute) ~ Obviously this is music with a highly meditative character, with lots of great overtones humming majestically. There is not a lot I could say about this other than I think it’s a great album. I started this very early this morning and played it three times in a row. Perhaps that should say enough. It’s music that transports you to a different time and place and perhaps it’s more music for late evenings than early mornings, but the tranquility works very well. Excellent all around.”  (Rafa Segura,

“I received SOUND CREATION for my radio show and I absolutely love this one! Great work!”  (Don Campau,

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