(NOTE: Our family retreat is currently booked to capacity — but we hope you’ll reserve for our next family gathering or other retreats that happen regularly at the Centre!)

CREWC is offering its first annual end-of-summer family retreat, Healing in Nature, where all ages can come together and learn simple, hands-on healing tips to apply in everyday life:

  • How to identify the body types of everyone in your family and feed them accordingly
  • Healthy and delicious substitutes for sugar, wheat, dairy and many other less than optimal foods
  • Techniques for quieting the mind and lowering stress
  • Easy ways to exercise in order to slow aging, lose weight and build muscle in less time than you ever thought possible
  • New games and songs to bring family together
  • How play can be therapeutic
  • Gentle methods of cleansing that are safe for adults and children alike

The retreat will have an easy, relaxing flow and end the Sunday before Labour Day on Monday. We look forward to seeing you!

Facilitators: Katherine Willow ND; Chad Clifford, wilderness expert; Amber Young RMT and Kim Trott, holistic chef

Our retreat is offered at affordable rates:

  • $250/family — up to 5 children under 12 (plus HST)
  • $50/extra children under 12 (plus HST)
  • $190/couple (plus HST)
  • $100/single (plus HST)
  • $75/ youth up to age 20 (plus HST)

Download a registration form here, or call / email Colette at Clinic reception to register: 613-839-1198 or clinic@ecowellness.com

The tentative activity schedule is posted below:

Friday, Aug 31

5pm  Arrival and set up quarters; pick herbs for dinner; bocce ball game; crocket; watermelon; cool herb tea with stevia

6pm  Dinner: mild chickpea curry, steamed and raw veggies, hummus, salad, rice, fruit crisp

7pm  Opening circle: introductions, games, overview of weekend, housekeeping, music, relaxation with Amber Young; searching for a rock to symbolize identity issues; quiet circle; ice breakers; what is healing and specifically healing within families with Katherine Willow; songs for all ages; music by the pond with Chad Clifford

Saturday, Sept 1

7am  Quiet time in nature: moment of silence & check-in; cleansing time, drinking various cleansing beverages and doing gentle movements (twisting, stretching, warm-ups) and breathing; music in nature in different locations; gather cleansing teas; hide treasures to find later

8am  Breakfast: fruit, rice cakes, gluten free bread/toast, millet porridge, stewed fruit, nut/seed butters, sugar-free jams

9am  Assessing body types and cleansing basics (children will have a separate class, making fairy gardens with Kim Trott, which leads into all kinds of emotional healing)

10:30  Movement— inside &/or outside: walk a trail, movement responding to nature; silent walking, peripheral vision exercises with Chad, plus yoga/tai chi/chi gong exercises

noon  Lunch: red lentil soup; gluten free crackers; nut butters; salad; raw veggies and dips; fruit and cookies

1-2:30  Break; health services

2:30  Family healing exercises/games inside &/or outside

4:30  Collecting herbs in the wild to make a take-home item

6pm  Dinner: vegetable soup, salad, hummus, gluten-free bread and crackers, nut butters, fruit

7pm  Games, music, camp fire, bannock making with Chad (spelt flour, berries, maple syrup)

Sunday, Sept 2

7am  Quiet time inside: moment of silence, check-in, nature tapes, songs, readings, cleansing drinks, movement

8am  Breakfast: buckwheat pancakes, fruit compote, maple syrup + everything else from Saturday

9am  Everyday life according to one’s body type (children have a separate class here, continuing their fairy gardens with Kim)

10:30  Movement in nature: transplant flowers from the trail and do a mini-sit with candles or a small bonfire

noon  Lunch: light veggie burgers, salad, steamed and raw veggies/dip, nice dessert

1:30  Closing circle: what did we learn? what are we taking home? some ritual with the “issue rocks” from opening circle