from Katherine Willow

For any of you who have met this unique priest-yogi-chef, you will be pleased to hear that Fr. Jack Lau is spreading his message of wholeness south of the border in a perfect new position: mentoring a group of men who are heading into the priesthood for a whole year.

Although we are sad to lose Jack in his capacity as co-facilitator of many of our healing retreats and Director of  the Galilee Centre in Arnprior, we wish him all the best in his new home.

Before heading out, Jack took time out from packing to take one more hike on our beautiful trails to pick a spot which we will dedicate as a natural meditation site in his honour.  We did an inaugural sit in pouring rain surrounded by clouds of mosquitos!

Now we will make the site beautiful, build shelters for sitting protected from insects and weather and plant local perennial flowers which will delight us in the years to come and remind us of our gentle friend with the big, loving heart.

Jack sent this quick email note and image to all his friends and work acquaintances a little while back:

“This photo says it all. Thank you to my friends, Galilee Centre and the city of Arnprior.”