War is Heck!

On Tuesday evening, August 14 at 7pm sharp, A Company of Fools comes to perform their version of Henry V on the lawn at Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre.

(Admission is pass-the-hat after the performance.)

A Company of Fools is Ottawa’s longest running independent professional Shakespeare company.

They perform innovative,entertaining and accessible shows based on the works of William Shakespeare.

From the Fools.ca website: Henry the Fifth is a Boy meets Girl story with a slight twist. Part “Saving Private Ryan” and part “Before Sunrise” this tale of patriotism and romance finds the boy, struggling under the heavy mantle of recent ascension to the throne. Excited to try his leadership skills he sets out to invade the girl’s country, based on a dubious claim to the throne.  He lays siege to a key logistical port, marches inland and against the odds manages to defeat a much larger force by deploying new military strategies. . .  and then he meets girl.

Presented by the graduating class of the William Golding Academy, Shakespeare’s King Henry the Fifth is a reflection on what it means to be a monarch. This is an overreaching and unflinching production that tackles all the tough questions: Why do we fight wars? What qualities make a good leader? Can this cockpit hold the vast fields of France? And what are we going to do with all of these tennis balls?

This summer’s Torchlight Shakespeare production of Henry V tours parks across the region from July 2 –August 18.   Directed by Geoff McBride and starring Margo MacDonald as Henry, the production promises blood and battle, bravery and romance, all with the Fool-ish twists audiences have come to know and love!

Featuring Simon Bradshaw, Kelly Rigole, Katie Ryerson and Virginia West, this show is not to be missed.  With our always-affordable pass-the-hat admission, there’s no excuse not to come out!