from Devon Chambers

These slices of old Poplar are lovely and measure a massive 45” in diameter and are a minimum of 3.5” in thickness.

They are perfect for making a unique and custom table like no other, or some other unique piece. A table of this size would easily seat 4-5 adults. Cut early this spring, they’ve been drying slowly in a covered shelter to avoid checking and splitting.

Currently a piece that is only 24” in diameter sells for $200 in specialty stores in the U.S. I’m selling these slices for$250/piece but will accept all reasonable offers. This extremely rare find is a great bargain! A limited number are available.

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Editor’s note: I want to tell a little bit of the background story on this post that Devon shared with me. One morning earlier this spring, a huge slice of tree appeared at the Learning Centre. It was quite a marvel, leaning against the wood bin. We all wondered where it had come from and how old it was.

I eventually found out Devon had left it and he told me this story: The city of Ottawa had felled a huge old Poplar near Bayshore in April.  Some of it’s roots were in proximity to a residential oil tank that had been leaking for a while, and in the spirit of adhering to the letter of law, the elder tree was ordered cut down as it was in an environmental hazard zone. 

It seemed to me that common sense might have dictated another course of action — perhaps the landowner could just have kept an eye on it to see if the spilled oil would have any effect, as the tree seemed in perfectly good health.

This Poplar had a long life — it was perhaps 150-200 years old. Looking at ring thickness, it grew around an inch a year for many years.  Devon told me he’d only seen something similar to that rate when investigating a stand of Douglas Firs and Red Cedars while on Vancouver Island. As it was being felled, he was able to recover some of its pieces.