from Bob Boisvert (

Two of our three hives in Carp have survived winter. . . and no bear damage.

All of this is quite normal.  Bees are pretty tough, but there are many factors that affect their survival through the winter: exposure to the cold, amount of food on hand (the honey they made the previous season), mite infestation, and other diseases. . .

All in all, it is typical to lose hives during the winter.  We have discussed it, and we may possibly replace the hive.  We still have to locate a supplier for another queen and her attendants.

The two surviving hives appear to be quite strong at this stage.

Monique has witnessed bees at another hive with blue pollen on their hind legs. See picture below to guess where that came from in the Carp Ridge woods:

If you happen to drop by in the morning on a weekend, and you see folks dressed up in alien white suits on one of the trails, feel free to come and say hello!

It will be our pleasure to introduce you to our amazing, buzzing friends.

~ Bob, Lynne and Monique