It’s Saturday afternoon in mid-April and I’m thrilled with the good weather — aside from the fact that we seem to be heading into a drought.  This has pushed me to order rain barrels for the first time after thinking about it for years.

My kitchen table and most of the chairs are covered in seed packages, non-peat pots (did you know peat is endangered?), a garden journal, a large bag of potting soil and reference books on herbs.   The little greenhouse adjoining my home is filling up with containers of planted seeds. Felix and I are taking meals on the coffee table in the living room.

I’m hoping that this will be the year there is a breakthrough in my usual gardening style of ambitious starts followed by mid-season drop-out.  Having a booth to sell herbal preparations at the Carp farmer’s market should keep me going. Come visit me from the end of June through July! And we have garden volunteer parties on Saturday mornings if you want to learn about organic gardening and/or don’t have your own plot to tend.

As for the rest of my life, which is neatly fitted around my horticultural frenzy, there is much good news.

My health and energy continue to improve in response to consistent efforts of walking my own talk, with the inevitable stumbling about to which we humans are prone. My latest inspiration is to train for the Diefenbooker Classic 5km run to support our local library on noticing that my morning exercise program just organically started to become more vigorous.  Felix and I are training together.  We’ve mapped out several 5km courses with the car (which I have yet to try out).  And I have bought myself proper running shoes.

Similarly, I slipped into increasing my meditation practice to twice a day without any effort, motivated by my daily readings on mindfulness (thanks to Deb Boldt for that).  This led to a noticeable decrease in my reactivity, especially in relationships, my ultimate achilles heel, much to Stephen’s relief!  To deepen my practice, I plan to take the 8 week mindfulness meditation program in Ottawa over May and June, hoping to offer it at the centre afterward.

This process of healing isn’t all roses, as we know.  At a retreat just before Easter, I sat for 3 hours while my awareness spontaneously went into my cellular level.  Afterwards there was much turbulence with the resulting emotional release, filled with anxiety and old shame.  Luckily I was able to make the connection this time and ride it out without panicking—which I tend to do when it comes to my own healing symptoms!

Also, I need to mention the contribution to my well-being made by Dr Gupta and his wife Kamini (  After consulting this gentle and kind Ayurvedic doctor about my cataract, an area in my health that is STUCK, he suggested an oil treatment and massage with Kamini for decreasing my stress, pronouncing that I was basically healthy and just had too many responsibilities.  On finishing the three day process, I felt so good that I signed up to do a 2 hour session with her monthly.  Highly recommended and something we will eventually learn for here as Dr Gupta offers training.

Of course, my blog wouldn’t be complete without mentioning 3 1/2 year old grandson-in-residence, Felix, who continues to be a blessing.  He is learning at a rapid pace, preparing our woodstove for fires, helping gather wild herbs for the market booth and teaching himself how to read (!).

We are building a large fort together with the intention of sleeping there in the hammock and eating meals prepared in the tiny cook stove someone donated.  Above all, Felix is finally starting to toilet train.   I thought it would never happen, but these days I often get the classic “present for you” in his potty.  (Oh thank you Felix, that’s lovely!!)

On a professional level, I am in awe at the good results we are seeing in the clinic, especially with serious conditions like cancer and autoimmune disorders. I’m being taught what is possible in combining naturopathy and GNM by my dedicated patients and routinely humbled and honoured in this profound process.

Last week I had the opportunity to meet with local MPP Jack MacLaren, who offered to help the cause of naturopathic medicine at Queen’s Park after listening intently for an hour and asking intelligent questions.  We have a new ally in improving public access to this wonderful form of medicine.

Time to go and weed my asparagus plants.  This should be the first year to eat some shoots!  And then maybe try out one of those 5km courses with my new running shoes. . .

Good luck balancing in this intense growthful spring energy in your own life!