Early spring, what a treat! 

I am sitting in my kitchen looking at the emergence of grass and listening to a talk said to be channelled by a galactic council.  It speaks of the evolution of consciousness currently in progress and that aliens will soon be showing themselves to give us more knowledge.

I stay centred in my breath and body while hearing teachings from the stars.  Who knows?  I remain neutral and curious.

On a more pressing note in my little world, I prepare for the cleansing retreat that starts on Friday*.  We have a full house of wonderful participants and I am letting my mind intuitively organize what to share.  It is a beautiful process that informs me as much as anyone else. . . teaching to learn and continue growing!  I’ve been doing a modified cleanse to get my body ready and it feels alive and vital — although the time change threw me for a loop for a day.

These last few weeks since our “vacation” have been different for me, as if a new part of myself is awakening.  I feel, look and even find myself dressing differently, more relaxed, more myself, more positive, clearer about my life.  It could be in part due to the last remedy from Dr Veronika that I took just before leaving for Mexico.  Not necessarily the best idea and not very fair to Stephen and Felix, who had to experience the healing pains with me in close quarters (the pic above is of our early Easter Bunny, Felix!).

But the results are amazing — I feel the energy of a younger self!  Of course the warmer season helps enormously, so we’ll see if this change is stable.  Maybe it’s the positive influence from outer space. . . smile.

This is another example for me of the turbulence that so often happens as part of the healing process, a turbulence that is emphasized by my resistance to change and lack of trust in life.  Every time I emerge from such a phase I kick myself for not remembering that this pain is a GOOD thing and letting myself relax into it instead of panicking that I am getting sick again, will never have strong energy and die young without completing my mission.  Sigh.  Maybe with time I’ll learn.

That’s it for now, thanks for tuning in and take a moment to breathe with awareness and gentleness. . . as will I. . .


IMPORTANT PS: CBC News Montreal ran a recent series focusing on naturopathic medicine in Quebec. A poll question of whether the Quebec government should regulate NDs accompanied the series. The poll is still open for voting — we encourage all CAND members to vote YES and pass the link on to patients, colleagues, family and friends. Click here to vote in the poll. Thanks!

*Editor’s note: The centre had a great group for the retreat ~ read a note from one participant.