We’re happy to say we had several inquiries after a post last month about Ziggy Stardust, a lovely boycat who needed a permanent home. Everyone involved here at the Centre sends out a BIG THANK YOU to all who were willing to take in the young lad.

A family in the Ottawa area (who were planning to get a kitten) read about Ziggy’s desperate predicament, and emailed us a few days after the post went up to find out more. Once they met him in person, it was mutual love at first sight.

Here’s a note (and a few pictures) from Ziggy’s new owner:

“Thanks for the opportunity to write about Ziggy. He was obviously a well-liked cat, and I’m happy to hear that people are curious to hear how he’s doing. Here is a small update that you can put in the newsletter.

We adopted Ziggy two weeks ago and he seems to be enjoying his new home. He has certainly moved right into our hearts. He is very sweet and affectionate and loves the attention he gets from our family.

We have quite a few pets in our house and they are making room for Ziggy. He is curious about the other cats, and I can see that they will enjoy sleeping and playing together.

Ziggy is not too sure about the dog, but the dog is old and has no interest in cats, as I’m sure Ziggy will figure out.

We really enjoy his lovable personality, he has made a wonderful addition to our home. “

~ Kirsten R.