Ziggy worked at a local greenhouse that closed down last year — unfortunately he got left behind.

He’s a good-sized, orange fellow starving for companionship in a loving home. He never really got the attention he craves.

Ziggy is very affectionate, great with adults and older children (we’re not sure how he’d be with young kids or tots as he has no experience).

He’s a real buddy cat —  independent but enjoys regular company.  He is loved by ladies because he’s sweet and cuddly, but guys also love him since he’s a strong, manly cat.

In the greenhouse he did rounds with the crew and kept it critter free. He went to the shop girls for a good hug then would go off to do his rounds again. He has a terrific personality and has lived most of his life at the greenhouse.

Ziggy has been neutered, had all his shots in 2011 and is litter-trained.  Ideally new owners will keep him inside for the first few weeks, letting him to go out once he’s settled down in his new digs.

Time is not on Ziggy’s side — this is an urgent plea for help.

Please leave a message for Carla at 613-839-1198 or email her at carla@ecowellness.com