This spring will bring with it some great new beginnings, but also, the regretfully somewhat early end to my time here at Carp Ridge Natural Health Clinic.

I came here to start my career with the support of Dr. Willow’s mentorship (I felt I needed some wisdom to balance my fresh-out-of-school perspective!) I found this and so much more here.

I found a place to nourish my own soul, living closer to the earth in my little cabin made of straw bales surrounded by the beauty of this land. I found the opportunity to contribute to the further education of new naturopaths that will follow in my footsteps with the development of the Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre Residency Program to leave in my place.

Beyond all I am learning from Dr. Willow, I have found my most profound teachings have come directly from each of you, my patients, who have allowed me the privilege to join you on your healing journey. It has been an inexpressible honour to work with each one of you.

At the end of March 2012, I will be leaving Carp Ridge Natural Health Clinic to return to my hometown of Regina, Saskatchewan where I will be stepping in to cover the maternity leave of my first Naturopathic mentor. I feel so blessed with the incredible opportunities I have found laid before me in this past year.

Although I had originally planned to stay at Carp Ridge for as long as I was useful in keeping the office warm awaiting Dr. Kealy Mann’s return from maternity leave, my experience has told me to take a good opportunity when it feels as right as this one does.

For your continued care, Dr. Mann will be adding Fridays to her gradual return to work by mid-March. Then, by the fall, if not sooner, Carp Ridge Natural Health Clinic will be infused with more fresh ND energy with the arrival of the first official resident!

I will not yet officially say goodbye, because I am still looking forward to the next couple months that we still have together!

In health,
Laura Stark ND