. . .the level or absence of poverty.

A group of friends was reminded of this at a benefit concert for ‘Canada Without Poverty’ at the end of September.  Along with hearing beautiful music in a high-ceilinged church, we listened to presentations about ending poverty by board members of this charitable organization, all of whom had been in poverty at one time of their life or another.

It was a good reminder.  Sometimes it’s easy to focus on getting patients to change their lifestyles toward health and forget that too many people can’t afford to even get the information they need to start.  With this in mind, I promised myself that I would do my part.  In January the clinic will restart our naturopathic groups and monthly free clinics.  Stay tuned to the December newsletter for dates and times.

We left the concert with a box full of CD’s of the most soothing music, which you will find on sale in reception.  It’s especially fine for yoga and meditation or just relaxing on the couch after work — for those of us lucky enough to have work, and work that pays well enough. . .

Here’s to ending poverty in Canada, one person, family and community at a time!

Note: there are donation forms with the CD’s for sale in case people are inclined. . .

~ katherine