Keep the magic of your love alive!

Are you looking for a couples weekend getaway?

Are you looking for intimate time with your partner?

Are you looking at truly having some fun!

This retreat will transform the way that you think about intimacy.

Simply Us: Integrated Energy Therapy for Couples, Building Intimacy

If you deeply love your partner and yet you find it difficult to connect on the same level after you arrive home from a day of dealing with other people on different levels, then this workshop may be of interest to you.

The experiences that you have had throughout the day live in your energy field. You would like to have a beautiful relaxing and intimate evening and you can’t seem to shake the thoughts or emotions of your day.

This program will teach you:

  • How to clear your own negative emotions quickly.
  • How to assist your partner to clear their emotions.
  • How to connect at a soul level and experience spiritual love.
  • How to breathe together.
  • How to create a loving environment.
  • How to communicate with each other.

This two day workshop includes a potential overnight stay in a tranquil environment. It allows the time for the two of you to share in your success, get away from the pressures of every day and share time together.

The next workshop is scheduled for October 29, 30, 2011.

Simply Angelika, Awarded One of The Top 30 IET Master Instructors 2009 & 2010