from Jay Young, Principal, Carp Ridge Learning Centre

Hello everyone,

With such exciting changes on the horizon here at the Learning Centre, we are now on a recruiting drive to prepare us for the new school year.

We ask that if you have any of the items below that you are no longer using for your own children or have an excess of any of them, we would graciously accept any and all donations.

We know that the reuse and recycling of materials within and among families is a core practice within many communities and we would be thrilled to promote such practices within our community.  The continued enjoyment and experiences of all children in all of our programs can be enhanced by such selfless giving.

If you have any of these items, please feel free to drop them off to the Learning Centre/Natural health Clinic at the beginning and end of program if your children are currently enrolled in the Forest Preschool and otherwise, on any day of the week during clinic hours if possible (otherwise please leave them under porch at  the clinic entrance).

  • paints and brushes, pastels, chalk, coloured pencils, markers
  • pens, pencils, erasers
  • easels, canvas, sketch pads
  • assorted papers, from construction to tissue, cardboard to bristol board and everything in between
  • fabrics (cloth, felt, linen, etc)
  • clay, moulding wax, playdough (or the materials to make it ie. assorted flours, food colouring)
  • glue, scissors
  • ribbons, string, twine
  • assorted stickers and albums
  • musical instruments (child sized preferably)
  • balls of all shapes and sizes
  • wood blocks/toys
  • puzzles, games
  • books, toys
  • blankets, pillows
  • and anything else you might have that would be appropriate

We also hope to coordinate a fundraising drive later in the fall so if any of the families that are interested can give of their time and/or resources to this cause, it would be greatly appreciated.  Details will follow as to how this will proceed but any input is welcome.  And, as always, if any families wish to volunteer their time and expertise to any projects, this is also gladly accepted.  We hope that you are looking forward to another fantastic year of programming and are as excited as we are about the impending changes to the school and the organization.  Thank you all for your continued support of the Learning Centre.

Kind regards, Jay Young & the CRLC Staff