A note from beekeeper Monique Leger ~

The honeybee hives are doing really great at Carp Ridge this season and we are DELIGHTED! We’ll be starting a summer honey harvest in the next few weeks.

We plan to move the hive in the spring of 2012, when they are lighter and bees are fewer.

In the event that we might want to redirect our beekeeping efforts closer to the city in the next few years (since urban beekeeping is also booming), I was wondering if there might be a few people at CREWC who would like to apprentice with us this year to learn, and then maybe one day take over the CREWC hives for all to enjoy.

It would make me very sad to drop the beekeeping project in Carp.

If the summer keeps up like this I can see that we will lots of honey to sell, and there will be ample time to show a beekeeper apprentice how to care for the bees and do honey harvests!

If you are interested in becoming a buzzing apprentice, contact Monique at: mmleger@sympatico.ca