Lise Lillian is a Certified Reiki Practitioner and Registered Reflexologist.  She has taught Yoga and Meditation for over 30 years and incorporates her experience in this and other modalities into healing treatments. Both Reflexology and Reiki are holistic energy work, so the treatments affect mind, body and spirit. To book a session with Lise you can contact her at: or call 613-926-1977.

A Reflexology treatment gets energy moving more freely to all parts of your body.  To begin treatment, I stimulate the ‘reflexes’ in your feet and do various massage techniques to relax you. Your feet have areas that correspond to different parts, glands and systems of your body. They connect to 10 Zones that run vertically up and down your body, 5 on either side of your spine.  There are also Meridians, which are energy pathways that are connected to different parts and systems of your body as well.  Reflexology works to clear these pathways.  It has the added benefit of grounding your energy, completely relaxing you and bringing you into a deep place within yourself.  It also improves your circulatory, respiratory, and immune systems and enhances your natural ability to heal.  A Reflexology treatment can create an overall sense of balance and harmony.

Reiki has the same benefits as Reflexology and works with your more subtle energies. It opens the flow of energy through your body and around your auric field or energy that radiates out from your body.  I place my hands on specific energy centers on your body to clear any blocks and relax you with my touch.  Touch is a very important way that we heal — we have a natural need for safe, caring touch, something which is not always available to us.  I offer Reiki energy by opening myself as a conduit for healing energy to flow through my hands. The healing energy is infinitely available to us all the time when we relax, breathe and let it flow through us.  This energy has an intelligence that will flow where it is needed and where there is an openness to receiving it. So as you relax and breathe, you are also opening to receive healing energy.

Reiki ‘Focusing’ treatments involve a guided meditation process to clear emotional/physical issues. You access your body wisdom through visualization and give space for your inner intelligence to surface.  Through witnessing all parts of your reality and exploring them in a safe environment you can receive the support to find your authentic essence.  You will access your ‘heart intelligence’, a term used by Christian Pankhurst to describe the inherent wisdom that is connected to our essence and beyond our mind and family and cultural conditioning.  This process allows you to find answers to the issues you are focusing on in the session.  Echart Tolle talks about our ‘pain body’ as an accumulation of memories held in our body from our past.  We need to hold space to feel when our pain-body is triggered so we can heal these undigested experiences and wounds.  The Reiki Focusing treatment gives space to do this if that is what is coming up during a session. It is a very non-invasive, non-judgmental, and gentle approach to healing.