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I have been leading field trips into the forest so that more people will realize what we are so close to losing an old growth wilderness in the urban area, complete with stone age First Nation artifacts and accessibility to all residents. The interior has the same rock ridges, ancient trees, and endangered species found in Algonquin Park and the Gatineaus.

As far as we can find out, neither Ottawa’s mayor, or any of the councillors have bothered to explore the inner trails. A generation has grown up in the Kanata area, playing and monitoring the seasons, they have to be influenced by it. Guests from other provinces come to walk the trails.  It is in use year round.

We talk about the nature deficit disorder of children today and about the health benefits of walking in the “greenery” and in this day and age with gas prices soaring, and climate change requiring the preservation of  old forests,the present plans are for clear cutting, blasting the rock ridges, draining wetlands, and replacing the old forest with 3,500 houses.

In Europe there are schools which require children to spend some of each day playing or just walking in the forest. Hyper and autistic children are known to benefit. You can’t put a price on the forest. Ottawa  is the only major city we know of which includes an old growth forest within the urban boundaries.

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