Writing this blog right now is a good reminder for me that I’m not sick.  I’m healing.  Even though I am tired to the bone, with achey muscles, a runny nose, a scratchy voice and a persistent cough, all of which have been dragging on for over a week now, this is a good thing.  I am healing decades of fear and my lungs are repairing the damage of all that stress and I should be doing as little as possible to allow this repair to take place.  This is what German New Medicine teaches me.

It’s a strange perspective isn’t it?  It seems strange to me at this particular moment and makes me realize that this is how my patients must feel when I blithely tell them that their symptoms are a good sign with great enthusiasm and confidence.  It’s much easier to see from that side. . .

On the other hand, there is also the naturopathic perspective: this is the start of cleansing season, which naturally causes the expulsion of mucous, and I am run down, with low adrenals, liver and pancreas from decades of living stressfully.  Which means I should be eating lightly, relaxing and resting as much as possible.  Not resting enough has resulted in my symptoms continuing for this long.

Both perspectives are obviously true for me and the main point is to REST MORE.  This is the part that I haven’t learned enough yet, how to put everything else on hold, (other than Felix of course), so that I can do the activity which will benefit me and those around me more than anything: restore my energy from medium to high.  The investment in time would be more than paid back in improved relationships and productivity.

I know this intellectually.  And at the same time, I am driven by the insecurity of never being enough and needing to prove otherwise through my achievements.  Not particularly unique, I know.  Over the years, I have chinked away at this sense of “devaluation” (German New Medicine term) with small steps toward better self-care.  It’s time for another step, I’m just not sure what it is.

However, instead of cracking my fuzzy brain in public over this, I will take a nap before my next meeting and plan several days off later this week and over the weekend.  I just need to STICK to it.  This is much harder than not eating sugar for a year, grin!  I’ll let you know next month how it’s going. . . .

Hope your seasonal change is smoother than mine,
cheerfully in spite of it all,