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‘Life in Transition’ Heart Circles
with Lise Lillian

(Arrival time 9:30 – 9:45am)
Potluck lunch (Please see list of things to bring, further down this page)
(Fee payable to Lise Lillian Nickerson by cash or cheque.)

More info: email Lise at earthwyselise@yahoo.com.

About Heart Circles:

Heart Intelligence heightens our awareness, so we can manifest in our lives from a fully conscious place, without the effects of our sabotaging strategies.  We practice and develop emotional literacy that puts our hearts in charge as masters. Our minds then become the servants, to do the job they are meant to do as problem solvers. We take inspired action which is connected to our higher purpose. Our action is motivated and fueled by our longing and not by our conditioning.

Heart Circles create a safe container, a vortex of energy to help us experience an opening of our hearts, to feel safe enough to consider what we want, given what we are feeling.  Then we can connect with the inspired action that we will take to move forward.  We are expanding our awareness together, giving each other feedback and helping each other to go deeper into what is really true and authentic for us. We can move through difficulties and transitions with more ease and effectiveness.

As part of the Life in Transition Heart Circles we use meditation, physical movement, emotional processing, mental focus and spiritual awareness along with a creative component to balance masculine and feminine energies. This process prepares us for the ‘ritual performance’ of walking through the ‘Initiation Gates’ in each seasonal direction to embody our experience. We travel together around the medicine wheel in the four directions for healing, growth, and to honour our path towards completion and integration.

This journey around the ‘Wheel of Life’ is done in Community to enrich what we do personally in our lives. What we can do together is so much quicker and effective than what we can do alone. It is like having broadband internet instead of dial-up. But it is also more real than our virtual experience, as we are connecting to nature and to each other.

Spring has sprung and we look forward to the more active and growing cycle of the year.  At Carp Ridge, we have birthed a ‘Heart Circle’ with our recent Spring Meditation Day which will continue to grow as a regenerative community event.  The Life in Transition Heart Circle is a sacred space and inner journey, where we can be supported in community through guided meditations and group processes, including movement, sharing, and outdoor connection to nature.

At the Spring Heart Circle we will be focussing on cleansing on all levels as it is a good time to do some Spring cleaning.  It is also an active time of year, so we will look at what is growing or what we are building in our lives and what action steps we are taking to strengthen this growing manifesting process.

Please bring:

  • appropriate clothing for nature walk and painting (creative process)
  • personal water bottle
  • journal writing materials
  • blanket for the floor (pillow optional)
  • healthy food for potluck lunch of your choice
  • meaningful item for altar or decoration for a tree

From March 19th Meditation Day:
The last of winter hibernating urges are winding down and the ‘spring sap’ in our veins is rejuvenating us and preparing for the more active spring time.

It is time to organize and make plans for manifesting our dreams for the growing season.  This is not just about gardens, but also about any project or change in our life.  Feel the sun strengthening outside and take time to go inside yourself, to see what is strengthening within you.  Feel the strength of your intentions and connect with your creative source.

Find your passions stirring as we access the stillness of meditation.  We will share inspiration in community and enjoy a potluck lunch together.  There will be guided meditation, gentle movement, dance,art and a nature walk to connect to the outside and appreciate the beauty of the forest here at Carp Ridge.  Being in a group will give you support for any transition you are moving through, as we help each other to affirm our personal intentions.