By Mike Nickerson

There is a thrill that comes from eating food that one has watched grow; from seeing the sunrise on a winters day and knowing that it will provide all one’s heating needs while it shines, and a quantum gain to be enjoyed when chores become pass-times by sharing them in community.

The Lanark Eco-Village project is looking to create ecologically founded communities in Eastern Ontario.

In these changing times, another perspective of Eco-Villages is the role they can play in resolving issues of energy, climate, food security and alienation.  If you are inclined to address such issues and would like to manifest adventure and purpose in your life, helping to pioneer such a settlement model may be what you are looking for.

If this interests you (or anyone you know) join us:

Sat, February 12
7:00 pm
166 B Drummond St.

Drummond is a couple of streets toward the canal, in behind the Green Door restaurant on Main.

Some topics to share around:

  • Introductions
  • Visions of what an Eco-Village might be
  • What might you offer to make it happen?
  • Steps we can take now in that direction
  • How close are we to making such life choices?
  • Possible loans to secure the property

Bring other topics with you.

For the Grandchildren.

Yours, Mike Nickerson

“In cold climates, it has long been the custom to build homes with a heating system.  A home without such a system would be seen as incomplete.  I’m suspecting, as transport fuels become expensive in the years to come, that a home built without a local food supply will be considered incomplete.  Such domestic ecosystems can be built for individual homes, for villages, or perhaps even cities.  All would benefit from secure local food production.”

More on this Eco-Village effort at: