Follow through on your 2011 intentions and come to the Galilee Centre to pray; rest and be spiritually and physically nourished.

Friday, Feb 11th thru Sunday, Feb 13th

Fr. Joe Nassal, CSSP; international retreat master and author of eight books including The “Conspiracy of Compassion”, “Rest Stops for the Soul”, “Premeditated Mercy”, “Moments of Truth” and “Stations of the Crib” will be at Galilee Centre.

The Breath of Life:
Honoring the Mystic Within

Most of us think mysticism is something beyond us, something reserved for those who are so attuned to God’s voice that even the clamor of a world often teetering on the brink of chaos can shake their “inward calm.” But as many of the great teachers of the spiritual life remind us, we can be modern day mystics through the practice of awareness.

This retreat explores how we can honor the mystic within by becoming aware of the love that God has kindled in our hearts.

To reserve your place, call now!

Private/Single $ 190
Shared/Double $ 160   Includes accommodation, meals.

Commuter rate $100