by Katherine Willow

Over the last few months I’ve been struggling to write a book on German New Medicine and it looks like the only way to get it done is to give it my total focus.  I’ve decided to share my patients with the other naturopathic docs in the clinic for a few months to do so.

Please know that I’ll be looking over their shoulders to provide a continuity of care.  My intention is to finish writing and self publishing by June in time for my presentation on Allergies and Emotional Causation (using GNM) at our national conference in Calgary.  Until then, even my emails and phone calls will be answered by other people.

I have seen the most amazing results using GNM in the clinic.  We have had two complete cancer cures from only one patient visit each when both people were told they would most certainly die, as well as numerous other instances of people healing from cancer and other conditions without needing medical care–or very little.  We are the only clinic that I know of in North America using this recently discovered material and I’m deeply motivated to spread the news and clarify how (and that) it works.

More importantly, there needs to be North American research to verify the reality of these totally new principles so that the medical community, both mainstream and alternative, can begin the process of reconfiguring what we thought we knew about cancer and other illnesses.  I’m hoping the book can be used to interest medical students in doing this research and provide practitioners and patients who are ready with the confidence to use these five radical laws about disease and healing.

The best analogy about GNM for me is that it’s like “the world is round and not flat for medicine”.  GNM shows us that cancer and other diseases are not the danger we thought they were–just as we know that we can sail around the world without dropping off the edge!  Once German New Medicine catches on, health care can expand past most of the disease boundaries we’ve been up against: cancer, Parkinson’s, MS, depression, diabetes–and on and on.  I can’t think of a single better way to aid potentially millions of patients than to help GNM move forward.  And imagine the financial savings…

If you are curious, please join us for one of our monthly Wednesday evening GNM introductions (see the News & Events links near top of page)and see what all the excitement is about.  It very well may change your life and that of your loved ones!

And thank you to my patients for you support (and patience) while I attend to this work…