by Cindy Fleming

The City of Otttawa is offering a local, free 12 week program (one morning/week for 12 weeks plus one follow-up session) for people 50+ on osteoporosis and fall prevention. It will take place at The Kinburn Community Centre in January. Below is a description and registration info for the project.

Participants will receive fitness instruction, nutritional advice and a program to do on their own.  It should be pretty beneficial for people.

The program requires a pre-assessment to determine the level of the participants (done by physiotherapists and kinesiologists).  A pre-assessment is sheduled for November 17th and is required for participation.  The program is open to anyone regardless of their address, but do note that it happens in the winter and we are not certain if transportation will be available — participants may have to drive.

The West Carleton Rural Health Coalition wants to show that having an ongoing seniors physical fitness program can help reduce the number of falls and improve bone density to better the health of our residents 50+. We are looking for a maximum 36 persons to be involved in the program.

You will go through a Pre-Assessment of health capabilities to help provide individualized assessments and interventions that have the potential to decrease the risk of falls and fall-related injuries. These sessions are scheduled for November 17th at the Carp Mess Hall. These assessments will be scheduled hourly in advance pending your availability through Adam O’Rourke at 613-580-2424, extension 33527 or by emailing him at

After being successfully assessed, you will start attending a 12 week fitness group exercise program starting on January 21, 2011, to learn new fitness activities to help provide you with a daily exercise regime.  Within this program, you will also learn about nutrition and physical benefits from those exercises being practiced on a weekly basis and be provided with take home resources and instructions to help maintain your ability to do the exercises but also help you cook good nutritional meals.

You will be given a home exercise program that you will be able to do on your own at home or with friends from the exercise group. You will also be given a booklet to record on a data sheet how many times you did your exercises to help identify how much you participated in actual fitness programs at home so this can be reported at your weekly group program. This information will be valuable to us for our study on senior health.

We will then do a follow up group assessment by hosting individualized assessments after the 12 week program to assess the changes to your abilities by doing physical fitness measurements to provide us with the success of your trainings. Program will cost you nothing but we do ask that all who are interested in participating need to make sure they can commit to attending all 12 classes so that we can truly assess the results/success of the program.

Gaetan Morin
West Carleton Portfolio Manager
Parks and Recreation