Lise Lillian has an intuitive, yet informed approach to healing and wellness. Her life’s work has been dedicated to facilitating healing and empowerment.

She has developed “Earthwyse Journey” classes, workshops and retreats. As a grandmother, her concern is to create a world that is sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling for future generations.

She brings with her a background as a: yoga/meditation instructor, counsellor, personal trainer, fitness instructor for seniors and people with chronic illness, certified Reiki practitioner and registered reflexologist, artist, and facilitator for Pachamama Alliance symposiums called, “Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream”.

Father Jack Lau, OMI, is the spiritual director of the Galilee Retreat & Meeting Centre in Arnprior, Ontario. He is a Roman Catholic priest who brings a Christian perspective on meditation. Jack also spent time in India studying Eastern spiritual traditions, and integrates them into his counseling  practice as part of his religious calling.


Katherine Willow is a general naturopathic practitioner who is comfortable with all levels of disease. She applies a combination of natural therapies such as nutrition, detoxification, low dose homeopathy, herbs and stress management. Dr. Willow also incorporates German New Medicine and constitutional aspects of Ayurvedic Medicine into her practice. Katherine is director & founder of Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre.

Very much a team player, Katherine refers to a variety of other practitioners. She is especially interested in the emotional aspects of disease, which she feels are often at the root of health problems. She is delighted to give talks and presentations on natural health care to groups of any size.

Kaia Nightingale has taught and led workshops since 1986, offering spiritual counseling, classes in meditation, yoga, and chanting, and workshops for professionals on inner transformation. She is the author of “Journey Through Transformation”, and creator of the relaxation CD “Inner Quiet.”

Kaia trained in advanced yogic practice, philosophy and meditation in the Himalayas for 12 years. She has also trained in a variety of healing modalities, including shamanic medicine and energy work.

George Reilly, M.A., Dip. Clin. Psych., has been practicing psychotherapy for 30+ years in the interior of British Columbia, and for the past six years here in the Ottawa Valley.  With extensive therapeutic training in the experiential modes of Gestalt Therapy and Bioenergetic Analysis, George has also studied a wide range of therapeutic ideas and practices.  He is comfortably at home in the philosophical approaches than underlie both Eastern and Western traditions of healing body, mind, and spirit.

George uses the methods of Bioenergetic Analysis as a way to introduce body awareness, and to develop our natural abilities to connect our minds to our bodies in ways that enrich our everyday lives, and provide a solid basis for taking full responsibility for our healing in all senses of the word.

George lives with his wife Marion in Carleton Place where he has a private practice in psychotherapy.  He can be reached at 613-314-1386 or