By Karen Secord

You tell us and we’ll tell you. What is your biggest concern about your health now and for the future? Do you have a stay-healthy plan of action?

The Clinic is an incredible resource for those interested in achieving good health and maintaining it throughout our lifetime. Unlike traditional medical approaches, the natural health way is to focus on prevention, by acknowledging that there are emotional and spiritual components to physical illness. Naturopathic doctors give us permission to voice our concerns and fears; not only acknowledging them, but actually addressing them in a kind, patient and self-directed way.

Upcoming Appearances: The CRNHC on Tour

October 18

Health & Wellbeing Show: Statistics Canada, 170 Tunney’s Pasture Driveway, Ottawa,  10am to 2:30 pm. If you are a StatsCan employee come to the lobby of the Jean Talon Building and show your support.

October 27

Women’s Evening: The Wine Garden, 100 Schneider Road, Kanata (  There is an admission fee but the fun, goodies and amazing organic wine promise to make it an incredible evening. Ask about The Wine Garden’s Christmas Special, Oak Barrel Aged Organic Argentinian Malbec. Call Kevin (613-270-9083) for a ticket and tell him the CRNHC sent you!

November 5

Carefor Renfrew: ( In-Service Palliative Care Volunteer Training 1-4pm. Katherine has been invited to speak on “self-care” during an afternoon tribute to their volunteers. Katherine will also offer tongue and iris analysis to the 40-60 volunteers who are expected to attend.  Two other CRNHC practitioners will give mini-massage treatments.

November 18

Heritage Radio CJHR 98.7: Listen for Katherine Willow on the Senior’s in the Community program, 3-4pm.

If you have any health related questions for Katherine please send them to us at: and they will be included in her new monthly Q & A column in Tone Magazine.