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The Walk of Life is a profound and gentle healing process which leads to deep insight into the nature of the human condition and how, over generations, certain tendencies and repeating patterns become embedded within family systems and clans that can cause living problems for the next generation.

The Walk of Life Healing Tour of Ireland is designed to provide a meaningful and legitimate healing experience for people of Irish ancestry who in the presence of their ancestors can make a direct connection with their historical roots while being guided by a Walk Master through the eight sections of the Irish Clans.

This Tour is open to all people but is particularly focussed upon those who share a common Irish ancestory and wish to engage their own ancestral homeland in a healing and emotional way.

The Walk of Life is designed for:

  • fathers and sons
  • mothers and daughters
  • parents and children
  • brothers and sisters
  • grandparents and grandchildren
  • husband and wife
  • whole families, friends, groups
  • multi-generational groups

For full program details on the Walk Of Life  Healing Tour of Ireland, download this 3 pg. pdf, or call Professor Murray Kelly at 613-832-1296
Fåilte OʼCeallaighe

Father Jack Lau is available to offer spiritual direction at the Centre on Thursday afternoons.

If you don’t already know him from retreats or previous newsletter stories, Jack is an oblate Roman Catholic priest who also teaches yoga, is a chef and spent almost a year in India where he soaked up eastern spirituality.  He is currently the spiritual director of Galilee Centre in Arnprior.

You can bring any issue to him; his method is to draw out your own wisdom on the subject through questions, meditation and shared insights.  His manner is incredibly gentle, compassionate and loving and he encourages everyone to develop the same attitude toward themselves.  You don’t have to be part of any particular religion to receive this support.

Sessions with Jack can be booked through the clinic reception at 613-839-1198.  The suggested donation is $40-60 for an hour.

Dr. Veronika Zhmurko is now practicing at the clinic.

Veronika is a General Practitioner dedicated to Classical Homeopathy. She graduated from the Kiev Medical Institute in Ukraine with a specialization in Family Medicine. Veronika received her PhD in Clinical Immunology from the Kiev Medical Academy.

Not being satisfied with the conventional approach to medical treatment, Veronika has received intensive training in Homeopathy through the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy in Greece, as well as at the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy.

Veronica has practiced Classical Homeopathy for many years. She strongly believes in treatment of the person as a whole as the most effective way for restoration of health.

Naturopathic consultation rates will apply for an appointment with Veronika: 150$/ 50 min.

We’ll have the honour of hosting George Reilly again for a Bioenergetics workshop on Sunday, October 17th. George is a long-time psychotherapist, and teaches this method of movement which brings deeper emotions and tensions into awareness.

With profound gentleness, George will lead participants through simple exercises followed by questions, and ending with the opportunity to lie on a mattress and energetically release old feelings that result in a rush of warmth in the chest.  Apparently the founder of Bioenergetics used this daily and lived well into his nineties. . .

You can experience his introduction to Bioenergetics at the Learning Centre on Sunday, Oct 17 from 10am to noon (cost is $40).  Call 613-839-1198 for info and to register.

George will also teach at the Mind-Body Healing Retreat, Nov 19-21.

Comments from the gathering:

“Easy to apply, enjoyed being more grounded, calm and gentle.” BB

“Appreciated the gentle approach following the body’s wisdom.” VR

“Gentle and profound — put me more in touch!” KW

Sat, Oct 16th, 1-3pm
Open House & Free Talk:
The importance of cleansing your body of toxins in the Fall
For directions go to

Sun, Oct 17th, 10am – 3pm (1hr lunch)
BDDT-N approved CE Courses:
1. Cleansing with Botanicals (2hrs)
2. Cleansing by Ayurvedic Constitutional Types (2hrs).

To register & for info call 613-839-1198 x221.


When the season changes so does your body. Your immune system will sense and react to different stresses based on changes in the weather. Because we live and work indoors much of the time, insulated from seasonal cycles, we tend to forget this body knowledge, this ages-old and evolutionary co-dependence with the natural world. And our busy lifestyles often contribute to missing the health cues that lead to unhealthy misery during the winter months.

Doing a bodily cleanse of toxins and built-up impurities in our system is highly recommended during the fall and spring season. In autumn the leaves are falling and the growing season is winding down due to the loss of light and warmth. Nature prepares for sleep in the northern climates ~ and this is when our body’s immune system is starting to gear up for winter.  A cleanse will help your immune system strengthen itself to defend against colds and illness.

The Ottawa Women’s Show ( the weekend of September 25-26 in Lansdowne Park’s Aberdeen Pavillion (behind the Civic Centre) and CREWC will be there! Download this coupon to get $5 off admission when you bring a friend.

This is a fantastic day out (Saturday, 10am-6pm, Sunday, 10am-5pm) with over 200 booths featuring everything from food and wine sampling to fashion, beauty, home decor, entertaining, and health tips.

Catch us on the Workshop Stage both days! 

On Saturday, 10:30-11 am, Angela Teske from the Carp Ridge Learning Centre will present what promises to be a fun and informative talk on the value of outdoor education, “Let Curiousity Lead”. And you won’t want to miss Katherine Willow’s presentation on Sunday, 1-1:30 pm, “How to have the best sex ever!”

Lise Lillian, founder of “Earthwyse”, guides women on a journey of self discovery — a spiritual journey that is intricately connected to the wisdom of nature. Following the Wheel of Life teachings and through guided meditations, we focus and share together in a healing circle. We follow the cycles, seasons and energies of life to attune ourselves to the sacredness of all life. In doing this we honour our connections to the web of life, respecting our highest purpose and co-creating with these energies to manifest for the good of all.

Lise has taught Yoga and facilitated healing circles and gatherings for more than 30 yrs.  She is an artist and grandmother and has a passion for sharing our reawakening, as we move through the shift towards a New Earth consciousness, (named by author Eckhart Tolle).

Earthwyse teachings will be presented and we will also be using material from Eckhart Tolle, ‘A New Earth, Awakening to your Life’s Purpose’, and Caroline Myss, ‘Sacred Contracts’ and ‘The Language of Archetypes’. We will then progress to the Angeles Arrien’s ‘Second Half of Life’ in the new year.

The Second Half of Life process is a year-long  journey to discover what our sacred contracts are, how we can fulfill them and create a purposeful legacy to pass on for future generations. We will be moving through the eight Initiation Gates of Earthwyse Journey and the Second Half of Life to support each other, to sustain our creative energies and bring balance to our lives and to the planet.

Earthwyse Journey’ Healing Circles will be held at the Carp Ridge Natural Health Clinic on the following dates and time:

Time: Thursday mornings, 10 – 11:30am

October 14 – November 11, $65  ( for 5 weeks, or $15/class)
Eckhart Tolle, New Earth, and Caroline Myss, Sacred Contracts

November 18 – December 16, $65 (for 5 weeks, or $15/class)
Eckhart Tolle, New Earth and Caroline Myss, The Language of Archetypes

Please RSVP Lise at or call 613 926-1977.

By Karen Secord & Dave Ferreira

Upcoming BDDT-N approved CE Credit Courses at Carp Ridge Natural Health Clinic:

Sunday, November 28th

Topic 1:
Pharmacology of Antidepressants

Time: 10am to Noon
Cost: $40. + HST

Highlights: Generic vs name brands of major antidepressant drugs in Canada, mode of action/biochemistry, indications, optimal mode of use/dosage of drugs, drug interactions, supplements and herb interactions and how to safely wean off drugs.

Topic 2:
Naturopathic Approach for Healing Depression

Time: 1pm to 3pm
Cost: $40. + HST

Highlights: Overview of causes of depression, how to develop a treatment program based on the causes, treatment protocols involving botanical medicine, nutritional supplements, diet, homeopathic remedies and emotional healing techniques. Biochemical and drug interactions mentioned as appropriate within each topic area.

To register for any of these courses please call 613-839-1198 x221. Registration will be accepted on the day of the courses, but credit card/debit transactions will not be available.

Watch for a complete list of course titles for 2011 in our January 2011 newsletter.

What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?
~Vincent van Gogh

Two of our staff at the EcoWellness Centre experienced the death of a parent recently. Christie Unitt, longtime board member and active friend of the Centre, lost her mother, Jackie, at the end of July. And Karen Secord, another ‘extended family’ member at Carp Ridge and our project/marketing manager, suffered the loss of her father, Donald, on August 21st.

Karen, who makes her living as a writer, composed her Dad’s obituary and wrote the following:

“Don Secord had courage. He lived life large, cautious and extravagant at the same time. He had the analytical intellect of an accountant but the spirit of a seeker, a wanderer in search of adventure and new challenges. Don celebrated who he was and cherished those he loved. In so many ways he made dreams come true.”

Mr. Secord worked as a computer programmer & analyst, a management consultant and CEO — in both the public and private sectors.


Christie Unitt said that her Mom was “one of those people who was always young at heart”.

Jackie worked as a teacher and researcher for many years before retiring. After that she continued to be active in the community and took on projects both personal and public.

Up until fairly recently she helped maintain a website that offered resources and encouragement to men going through separation and divorce. Often she became a friend to those who were in desperate need of a non-judgemental and supportive listener.

In a testimonial about a personal development teacher she had worked with Jackie said, “It is amazing that someone like me who is past 70 years of age can still make such a dramatic change in their lives.”


Thou know’st ’tis common; all that lives must die,
Passing through nature, to eternity.
~William Shakespeare, from Hamlet

Or: The random thoughts of me, only smaller

By Karen Secord

I didn’t write anything yesterday. It rained. That’s really all I remember — except that this was the day I decided to be okay with being me. “Karen is okay”. That is my new mantra. And I will smile when I say it. No drama. No self-loathing. No soul-sucking negativity.

I’m not sure if this most unusual of epiphanies accosted me now because today I am 91 lbs lighter than I was a mere 6 months ago. Or, if there is some other more obscure reason. All I know is that today I feel peaceful. There is no need to reign in my mind. It is illuminated at last. Accessible.

Finally, I have accepted all the change. Even though the girl who looks back at me from the bathroom mirror isn’t anyone I recognize, I remind myself that, in fact, I know her insides quite well.

The reality is this: I’ve lost the weight of an average “tween”. My muffin-top knees are all but gone. The softly rounded and protruding flesh from ribs to pelvis remains, only in a much altered form. I touch it often. Stare at it with great amusement, squish it between my fingers, and play with it. It is droopy and wrinkly, but it weighs nearly nothing it would seem.

When I was big — and those pockets of fat were filled — there were times when I willingly gave myself up. I didn’t want to be me. Or, more likely, I didn’t know who me was. I suppose I always had this vision of who I wanted to be. I stubbornly invented a me that would fit the mould. She just wasn’t the thin me everyone else thought I should be.

For a time I admit to making myself big and loud. As if a bear were attacking. I would scare him away with my girth.

Today, my size is irrelevant. I feel like a writer, on this day where I promise myself that I will not write. And that is who I really always wanted to be.

I will not write today. Tomorrow I will open up the computer, close my eyes and organize my feelings. I will tackle the job of sorting through my mangled thoughts. Afterwards, I promise, I will be buoyed by an excess of motivation and confidence.

As much as it pains me to admit it, losing weight has helped me to overcome the crippling anxiety that often haunted me. No more shaking from the inside. Only a few weeks ago, or some time ago, I was crazy dizzy. The world was spinning around me and in me. It was difficult to balance upright, on my own feet. My feet were grounded but I was not.

Dehydration and low blood pressure were the verdicts. How could that be? The me I was had no trouble drinking. I always drank with meals. My fingers, like the rest of me, were plump not shrivelled. And I had hypertension. I took medicine.

Apparently those days are gone.

Seems that I lost weight and now society calls me “normal”.

Karen is okay!

(Note: You can find Karen’s previous ‘Food Fights’ entries in the Article Archive.)

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