Naturopathic health in the trenches / april 2010
A monthly health diary by Katherine Willow, ND

It seems like a year since my last posting.

I’ve been to another one day personal retreat at Galilee Centre in Arnprior, didn’t even bring any work this time, walked the labyrinth, had a healing session and intensive meditation with Father Jack and came home brimming with new ideas and resolutions.

However the time leading up to the retreat was a different story, with low energy, outright illness and doubt about every aspect of my life.  In typical western fashion, I tried to push through it at first, making myself even more tired, ill and discouraged.

It’s much easier for me to see the healing opportunities in others than in myself.  I’m sorry to say that it took being totally up against my own wall for me to turn around and see what was really happening in me: another layer of old, unhealed pain that was offering itself for release.  Once I turned inward and started to listen, things began to move.  Realizations, forgiveness, acceptance and new decisions that supported me on a deeper level came more easily.  In turn, I was able to be that much more present to others around me.  It was like emerging from a cave!

The outward result is that I’ll be moving back to the centre with my grandson Felix this summer, more committed than ever to working with the whole CREWC community to helping people heal and grow and learn how to live in harmony with life’s basic principles — as I am learning myself!

Again, I highly recommend Galilee Centre as a place to take time to let things fall into perspective.  And I continue to be inspired by Jack as a spiritual director who only seems to help us find the wisdom that we have in the first place — as it should be.  He will be with us at the cleansing retreat, bringing his uplifting spiritual energy to inspire us to cleanse with our souls in mind. . . .

~ Katherine