To my clients and staff at Carp Ridge Natural Health Clinic,

It is with mixed feelings of sadness and joy that I find myself writing this posting to inform everyone that as of April 9th I will no longer be working at the clinic.

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you with whom I have worked, for the privilege to be a part of your journey to wellness and for allowing me to grow and flourish as a practitioner.

I find myself facing a great new opportunity.  I am going to take sometime over the next month to not only TRUST, but to move forward on my own journey of life –- in whatever form this will take.

I am continuing my home-based business, Magic Hands Holistic Center, so if you would like to continue to work together, please contact me at 613-222-8964 or send an email to

Thanks again to you all,
Deb Weedmark,
Orthotherapist & Accredited Journey Practitioner


Dear friends,

As I count down the weeks (and now days) till the arrival of our new bambino there is mounting excitement, but with a touch of the bittersweet.  It’s been such a pleasure and a privilege to work with each of you, and I’m going to miss my role as naturopath while enjoying every minute of life at home with two kids.

I’d like to send a very warm thank you to all of you who have opened your minds and hearts to working with me in your wellness journeys over the last two years.  Please believe that I have learned and grown right alongside you.  The therapeutic relationship can be such a special and sacred bond.  Thank you all for sharing that bond with me.

I wish each of you all the best in this beautiful spring season and throughout the rest of the year.  I plan to return to Carp Ridge sometime in April or May of 2011, and will look forward to renewing our relationship and taking further strides toward wellness together.

Until then,
Rebecca Word, ND


She tried to hide in a crowd, but we’ll point her out to you (she’s standing in the back, attempting to blend in).

Yup, Cindy Fleming reached the 5-0 mark not too long ago!

How’s the view from up there, girl?

And here she is below in one of her usual locales, cooking in the kitchen, where we surprised her with flowers.

Happy Belated Birthday Cindy!