Natural Solutions to PMS webinar, Mon, Jan 18th, 7-8:30pm EST.

The online seminar will clearly explain the symptoms known as PMS, why they can show up, and how to resolve them using lifestyle changes, nutritional supplements, herbs and holistic therapies. To sign up for the webinar, click this link. (NOTE: a webinar is a meeting held over the internet — participants log-on to a website to see and hear a live presentation. You need to have audio capability on your computer or a phone line connection — see more about that below).

A note about the online seminar from Katherine Willow, ND:

After attending an online webinar in December, I’ve decided to try running one of my own, thinking what a great way it is to share information.  So I signed up with a company for their free trial and set a date for  Mon, Jan 18, 7-8:30pm, with the title of Natural Solutions to PMS.  Having been through that particular condition, I’m acutely aware of how hellish PMS can be for a woman and all those around her.  And how wonderful it is to solve it!

Then I discovered there are numerous technical issues that I haven’t the foggiest idea of how to navigate, although I have many friends who could probably help.  To be safe, I’ve registered for two online workshops on learning how to run a webinar — one of them that starts at 5am and the other at 7am!  I realize you don’t need to know all of this, but there is a chance that I’ll blow my first attempt and I just wanted to prepare myself (and you) for that.

I hope several of you will be able to attend.  Simply register through your computer using the link above and indicate whether you’ll be listening by computer mike or by phone, noticing that the phone number is long distance to Ottawa  and will result in lots of charges if you don’t have a phone plan.  This one will be free, after that I’ll need to charge to cover my costs.

Hopefully it will be an educational and fun experience and I look forward to sharing my knowledge and hearing your questions about PMS.  It really can be helped with natural methods.