tiny-plantsby Carla Brown

Having use of the EcoWellness Centre’s bio-intensive garden plot, I decided to try and plant some vine-type vegetables such as pumpkin, watermelon, squash and cucumber, and see how they do.  I would have loved to plant lots more but wasn’t sure if the upkeep through the growing season would be too much for me alone.

These pictures were taken 2.5 weeks after I put the seeds within their little earthen pots. As you can see, the little guys are doing pretty well so far, and I was blessed with a 98% success rate! When the pics were shot, there was even a curious visitor named Mr. Munk checking out the situation.

mr-munkOddly enough, I feel like they’re my little babies — I’m feeling quite protective over these seedlings. Every morning when I do the watering, I talk to them (don’t tell anyone please). What I say to them is a trade secret, however. . . .

And this week, with the help of an amazing volunteer, we’ll be transplanting them into their forever home. Pumpkin pie anyone? Well, eventually (hopefully).

NOTE: If you want to help out in the garden, please contact Carla Brown at: kjwillow@hotmail.com or 613-839-5764.

Formal garden work party dates are June 20, July 11, Aug 8, Sept 12, Oct 10 & Nov 14 — but if you want to plant or help out other times, please call me!