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tiny-plantsby Carla Brown

Having use of the EcoWellness Centre’s bio-intensive garden plot, I decided to try and plant some vine-type vegetables such as pumpkin, watermelon, squash and cucumber, and see how they do.  I would have loved to plant lots more but wasn’t sure if the upkeep through the growing season would be too much for me alone.

These pictures were taken 2.5 weeks after I put the seeds within their little earthen pots. As you can see, the little guys are doing pretty well so far, and I was blessed with a 98% success rate! When the pics were shot, there was even a curious visitor named Mr. Munk checking out the situation.

mr-munkOddly enough, I feel like they’re my little babies — I’m feeling quite protective over these seedlings. Every morning when I do the watering, I talk to them (don’t tell anyone please). What I say to them is a trade secret, however. . . .

And this week, with the help of an amazing volunteer, we’ll be transplanting them into their forever home. Pumpkin pie anyone? Well, eventually (hopefully).

NOTE: If you want to help out in the garden, please contact Carla Brown at: or 613-839-5764.

Formal garden work party dates are June 20, July 11, Aug 8, Sept 12, Oct 10 & Nov 14 — but if you want to plant or help out other times, please call me!

Review by Katherine Willow ND

Every time I flip through this book, the resulting enthusiasm is almost overwhelming.  It’s one of those books I want to give to everyone, even those people who wouldn’t go near a garden.   The garden at CREWC aspires to be modelled after this system; we sell the book in the clinic and we hope to eventually host workshops on the subject.

The book is called: How to Grow More Vegetables*
*than you ever thought possible on less land than you can imagine
by John Jeavons (now solidly one of my heroes)

It is a large paperback so packed with information that it would take most people several years to even begin to make use of it.  And the introduction is so educational and inspiring that it makes me want to do just that.

Did you know that worldwide we only have 42 to 84 years’ worth of topsoil left?  That current agricultural practices destroy approximately 6 pounds of soil for each pound of food produced?  That even organic agriculture depletes the soil 17 to 70 times faster than nature builds it?  That we use more oil to produce and distribute our food than many other activities?

John Jeavons proposes solutions to these challenges that all of us can support–not only by being aware of how to garden sustainably (sustaining topsoil, that is, as well as reducing carbon use), but by what we choose to buy and eat!

Here are the benefits of this method, called BIOINTENSIVE gardening, and developed through 30 years of dedicated research, experimentation and careful analysis of the results:

*67 to 88% reduction in water consumption
*50%+ reduction in amount of purchased fertilizer
*94 to 99% reduction in the amount of energy used
*100%+ increase in soil fertility, while productivity increases and resource use decreases
*200 to 400% increase in caloric producion per unit of area
*100%+ increase in income per unit of area

The book shows the average family with an average sized lawn how to provide for most of their fruit and vegetable needs in a relatively small space.  If anyone was feeling anxious about the vulnerability of our imported food supply, this is the perfect solution, even if you live in the suburbs.  You can convert your lawn to a biointensive garden!

Granted, it’s a lot of work at the beginning.  Like many worthwhile things: relationships, our health, finances. . .  But then it gets easier and extremely satisfying.

Of course, I should confess that I’m one of the worst gardeners, a theoretical gardener (I like to think about it).  I keep hoping that someone without a full-time profession and family life (although the latter could be integrated), will take me up on my offer of being in charge of our Centre garden and make a business out of it.  The book tells you exactly how.  I know, I’m an idealist. . . .

Another aspect that I thoroughly admire about John Jeavons is that he has taken his method to 130 other countries, especially those that are poor and struggling with their food supply.  In one anecdote, he describes a woman in India growing 15 times more vegetables than her organically growing neighbours–in the middle of a drought!

Let me end with a “timely” quote:  “Population will increase rapidly, more rapidly than in former times, and before long the most valuable of all arts will be the art of deriving a comfortable subsistence from the smallest area of soil.”  ~ Abraham Lincoln

Having posted this, I’d be remiss not to mention our volunteer garden parties.  Come once or come regularly, all are welcome.  If you would like to be on the volunteer notification list, please contact Carla Brown at: or 613-839-5764

from CAND e-news (Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors)

MediDirect® is a health, dental & wellness benefit program that provides benefit coverage and promotes personal healthcare choices to employees.  It works in tandem with the principles and philosophy of naturopathic medicine.

Patients who may be experiencing frustration over lack of coverage for naturopathic services may be interested in this program. Click here to download a pdf about MediDirect services.

Canadians are facing ever more reductions in healthcare coverage due to cutbacks by all levels of government. The insurance industry has been affected by the current economic conditions, and group benefit premiums are likely to experience at least a 20% increase this year.

MediDirect® is the solution for small to medium sized business, sole proprietors or organizations for concerns of reduced or restricted coverage for complimentary practices.

Call toll-free: 1-866-234-5162

by Jean & Jasmine

“Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

For some a relationship is used as an attempt to fulfill unmet needs and expectations through another person.  Perhaps to have someone to take care of us, protect us, make us feel as though we have a purpose in life, fill the void that feeling alone or being alone often  brings.

This someone could come in the form of a spouse, child, friend, parent, colleague, pet,  cause or  thing.  Most people think of relationships as an intimate coupling with a partner or spouse.    The truth is we have a relationship with every person, place or thing we come into contact with including ourselves. That latter one — ourselves — is the key to every single relationship.

Pretty basic really — the relationship we have with ourselves. It colours, shapes and guides every single interaction in our lives.  Our self talk, our beliefs, our rules, our expectations , our cultural conditioning  all form the  underpinnings of  our experience  of life.

Just for a moment, stop and take the time to really look at all of the   relationships in your life. What do they bring out in you? Love? Joy? Anger? Fear? Resentment? Jealousy? Or a combination of them all?  What about the relationship with your self?  When you look in the mirror, what do you see? And most importantly, what do you feel?

What about the relationship with where you live? When you walk in the door do you have a sense of comfort, warmth, and loving calm, or do you look around and see all the things that need to be done. Is it pristinely welcoming or a reflection of  chaos and turmoil?

Has your sex life lost its luster?  Are all the various dreams, hopes and aspirations for you (had?) sitting on the back burner, resentfully reminding you that this is not how you thought your life would be?  How about your health, how’s that working for you?

Whatever it is for you, know for sure “the outer is a reflection of the inner”! Where ever we go there we are — we take ourselves to work, we take ourselves home, we take ourselves to friends, on a date, to the grocery store.  Do you move through these experiences filled with joy, fun, laughter and love or do you feel duty bound, responsibility driven, bitter, resentful and  fatigued from the sheer weight  of it all.

How often do you play the blame game in your life and in your relationships?  Do you find yourself blaming others for the state of your life?  “He /She/They did this,” “How angry ‘they’ make you”,  “ If only they would do this or that then I would feel respected and supported”,  “If only they would help out  then the responsibility wouldn’t all be on my shoulders”,  “If only they would hear me”, “If only they would make me feel  loved,  sexy, respected, honored and important” — if only, if only, if only. . . .

How often do you find yourself judging others silently (or out loud): “They aren’t eating right”, “They’re drinking too much”, “shouldn’t behave that way”, “should be more respectful of me”, “are too fat”, “too thin”, “too loud. . . .”

How often do you judge yourself: “I should have said or done this or that”, “I should look this way or that way”,   “They’re all so much better than me — smarter, healthier, wealthier!”

Your thoughts, your beliefs about how the world works, your emotions, your health are all reflections of the state of the relationship you have with yourself!  The most important relationship we can cultivate is the one we have with ourselves. It is the relationship that needs to be healed first and foremost if we truly desire to relate with anyone or anything else from a clear, open, genuine, authentic  and loving place.

It is possible to take back your life, to heal yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually, to live the life of your dreams, to wake up every morning with a smile on your face enthusiastically greeting the day. And it all starts within you!

Contrary perhaps to popular belief, you can have a relationship  with yourself and others  that is  rooted in pure and unconditional love.  A love without hurt, judgment, blame, mistrust, disloyalty, jealousy, betrayal. A communion of your own heart and soul that will radiate and create vibrant, loving, fulfilling relationships with everything and everyone in your world!

You can live from a place of truth, vibrant health, honesty, acceptance, trust and full open exposure and vulnerability, and love it!

Join Jean and Jasmine  in an upcoming Relationship Workshop on how to create loving, supportive, open, honest relationships, starting from the inside out!  Details to follow in upcoming posts.

Why might you want to do this workshop? Because it feels good,  it heals and regenerates your body, it’s easy, supportive, loving, peaceful, harmonious, balanced, honoring, trusting and open.   It breathes great and vibrant life into your life!

Remember, YOU ARE NOT BROKEN! You have simply forgotten the truth of who you really are, your authentic self, your birthright. Let us help you rediscover and remember.  “To thine own self be true”!

Jean & Jasmine offer  fully customized workshops based on varying topics for  all people of all ages.   Our  private healing/coaching sessions incorporate the  teachings and application of  Cellular Healing, Mind Body Healing, NLP, Energy Medicine, Shamanism, Law of Attraction.

To inquire about or schedule a workshop or book one-on-one sessions with Jean and /or Jasmine please contact :

Jean @ 1.613.591.9888 OR Jasmine @ 1.705.549.5962

Click here for an updated post on naturopathic treatment for H1N1 and other varieties of the flu.

Editor’s note: On June 11th the World Health Org issued a  ‘Phase 6: global pandemic outbreak’ for the swine flu/H1N1 virus. Many WHO members had earlier expressed concern that declaring a pandemic could cause mass confusion and panic when it’s still unclear how dangerous the virus will be.  This is the first globalized influenza epidemic in 41 years. The majority of worldwide cases have been mild, though some have proven fatal. (Canadian Press report)

by Katherine Willow ND

To be honest, it’s been difficult for me to take the recent swine flu/H1N1 virus outbreak more seriously than other flu outbreaks. Currently, it doesn’t seem overly dangerous in the medical scheme of things.  For instance, ordinary flu has killed 13,000 people in just the United States since January.  H1N1 has resulted in well under 200 deaths worldwide since April. While there is concern that the strain could mutate and lead to more serious outbreaks later this year, in my view there is no reason to believe a severe global pandemic is brewing.

From a naturopathic and German New Medicine perspective, there is a lot more going on than the virus itself, both physically and psychologically.  Looking back at the big flu in 1918 that killed 50-100 million people, some were “infected” across continents before a sick person could possibly travel there.  Focusing on the virus deflects from the more important causes, creates fear and leads to actions such as mass vaccinations and excessive use of flu drugs, both of which have their own side-effects.

My attitude about pandemics is that the best preventive method is to research as many angles as possible before deciding on a strategy.  Consider reading some material on Dr. Mercola’s website, (type ‘swine flu’ in his search engine).  Dr. Mercola is a qualified osteopathic physician, and although I don’t agree with everything he writes, his data is well worth looking at.  (Be prepared for a few shocks, he’s radical and unafraid to challenge anyone.)

I’m also including the standard naturopathic response to H1N1 from our Board, ( open pdf 1, open pdf 2) — call or email us if you have any questions about it.

We ND’s all have our own favorite remedies of course, mine being echinacea, goldenseal, elderberry extracts, water therapies, cleansing, developing emotional resilience and immune building foods such as onions and garlic (which also happen to have the property of thinning and expelling mucous, great for congested lungs!).  In the fall, when flu season rolls around, we’ll put on a special workshop on this subject and then you can choose which products you would like to have in your medicine cabinet.

Until then, cough into your sleeve, wash your hands, eat well , get enough rest, move joyously and be happy.

Hope to see you at our annual Open House on Sat, June 27,

(Editor’s note: We had posted this on the Clinic website in May, but we’ve moved it to the blog due to continuing general interest in the topic)

by Rebecca Word ND

What is this you say?  Electrohypersensitivity? That’s what I said recently when a patient came in suffering from this very thing.  I’ve always acknowledged the possibility that humans (and other sentient beings) are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, but I never realized the attention that this topic is starting to get globally if not here in North America.

A group of German doctors have constructed an appeal to the U.S. to rethink the move from analog to digital television broadcasting because of adverse health associations in their own country following such a move.  There is also a document entitled the Freiburger Appeal that outlines the observed health deterioration of populations which correlates to new or increased electromagnetic field exposure.

Some technologies of concern are wireless broadcasting either for cell phone, gaming or television, cell towers; even digital cordless telephones emit pulsed high frequency microwave radiation. This brings a whole new definition to the concept of “pollution.”

Electrohypersensitivity, or EHS, manifests as neurological and immunological dysfunction that flares upon close, continuous exposure to certain magnetic or electrical fields that are emitted from power lines, cell phone transmission towers, cell & digital cordless phones, computers, fluorescent lights and various electrical tools & equipment (basically all around us).

One website on EHS ( lists the following as common symptoms: concentration problems, memory lapses, aches or pressure in head, throat and chest, unsteady balance, dizziness, altered heart rate, ringing in the ears, excessive fatigue, numbness or pain in affected areas, sleep disturbances, eye irritation, red skin blotches and eczema.  (Interestingly, some of these symptoms are common to adrenal gland under functioning.  This gland suffers under major acute or long term chronic stress leading this reader to infer a link.)

EHS is not recognized as a medical diagnosis per se but it is getting attention from the World Health Organization and global researchers and doctors.  The Canadian Human Rights Commission classifies EHS as a disabling environmental sensitivity.  European doctors and scientists seem to be much more concerned about the possible links between these fields and chronic disease.  But why are some individuals more affected than others?  One theory is that heavy metal toxicity in the body (which we know has neurological/immunological impacts) acts to increase “conduction” of these fields in susceptible individuals. I also wonder if the aforementioned adrenal fatigue has a role in this sensitivity.

Where is the silver lining here?  Luckily there is relief observed in affected individuals when removed from densely bombarded areas.  The above mentioned website offers the following suggestions to limit exposure as well.  Keep the bedroom a safe haven, this means no chargers of any kind, phones, televisions, or other wireless devices, and be aware of bed placement in relation to the house’s power main and other big electrical devices such as the fridge.  Do what your mom always told you and sit well back from the T.V. (and computer screen).  Decrease or eliminate microwave use (it makes food chewy anyway.)  Trade in the digital wireless phone which acts as a mini cell tower for the old fashioned corded phone.  If using a cell phone get it away from your ear, and thus your brain, by using the hands free attachment.  Unplug devices when not in use.

Here’s my advice: whether you feel affected by these fields or not go out into the woods and take a break from technology.  Don’t just use a chemical free cleaner or bike to work. . . think about reacquainting with the Earth of our ancestors.  Celebrate and recreate a simpler time when we the animals and other living beings were the greatest emitters of electromagnetic radiation and texting was not on the menu.

I saw my old friend tonight in
the early evening of the late spring sky.
She was a bright and slender bow,
new again, unfurled in the twilight.
Upon reaching home, I walked
toward the new planting of the
cornfield at the end of our road,
to watch her sun-turned face for
a moment before I retreated inside.
It had been a spirit-squashing day —
I was a grey little moth, drawn
to a friendly curl of light.

She had a sideways smile, in recline
like a drowsing Cheshire cat.
The rest was invisible, dark as
a stony Ardhanarishvara at
a whitewashed temple.
I wondered if she was watching
something funny: a cosmic TV sitcom,
off and away on the glowing horizon.
Maybe though, it was about her mate
lying just behind her, kissing the bumps along
her curving spine. Or, perhaps, it was only
some momentary delight, as when you spy
the first jeweled evening star. Soon
the night would flower full of them, and
my friend would sink down deep,
into her bed of obsidian feathers.

I hoped that she might dream of me,
dream of every one of us down here,
sunk in this animal gravity of days.
In her dreaminess she would turn, and smile
a tiny and secret smile in her rounded sleep,
sensing our own small dreams, our strange mysteries,
lifting into the sky. They float upwards to Luna,
passing by like a harbinger breeze, a cloud of
giggly fireflies and sad raindrops. And into
the thundering deep they slip away from us all,
billion upon billion of earthen lullabies unearthed,
fluttering fitfully toward the far hazy fields
that swarm with beckoning lights.

by Dave Zzathros

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