by Jean Brazeau & Jasmine Iwaszkiewicz

(Be sure to watch for our upcoming Transformational Healing column!)

We would like to extend our deepest thanks to Katherine Willow and Freya Struthers at Carp Ridge EcoWellness center for supporting the ‘Calling All Women’ workshop.

As the facilitators of this workshop we felt cradled, respected and honored by the deeply caring service that was provided for us. The astoundingly peaceful and beautiful surroundings created the perfect space for this deeply healing and permanently transformational weekend.

The workshop addressed issues that are very specific to women. Not only did it shed light onto the rules and deep-seated beliefs that women carry as truth – It also provided very real and lasting healing for all of the beautiful women who so courageously, lovingly and in honour of themselves, chose to openly heal the wounds that have been standing in the way of their own health, wellness, vitality and power.

Utilizing and incorporating our combined skills, modalities and personal life experience, we lovingly guided all the participants to directly access, release and transform their old wounds into healed wholeness in an environment of safety, compassion, understanding and acceptance. The feedback from the participants in attendance moved us to tears. This is what some of them had to say:

“I enjoyed the balance between healing and expanding, feeling the light and love and joy allows the healing to come with so much less resistance…I LOVED THE MUSIC!  It was a very valuable weekend, I felt real healing during the weekend and I feel I have real tools to continue to bring love into everyday and more through the world in this space.”

“I felt washed clean and more open, more confident, more light in myself.”

“I loved it,  this was really great value.  You gave an incredible amount to the experience.  Beautiful energy, sharing and giving!”

“I so enjoyed the openness, safety, music, every part of it.  Thank you very much. I was able to disturb and you listened to me, I was able to let go of the hooks and be back home, open and feeling love.”

“I enjoyed every minute!! I enjoyed feeling trust for the first time in my entire life.  I am so happy to have tools I can take home and knowledge that I know will allow me to live my authentic life.  The best thing I could ever have asked for, worth all of the dollars and tears.  You have changed my life, you have allowed me to break a very dark cycle and generations to come will be positively affected as a result.  I knew I could trust you the moment I met you and you didn’t disappoint.  I have so much love for you.  You have inspired me to love myself.”

“There was lots of healing and awareness for me.  The energetic space that was created started the healing right away and I appreciated the many many tools used.  I loved hearing the birds and seeing trees when I looked out the window, it was beautiful.  That you for an amazing healing workshop…I am so grateful that I came!”

“I loved the music and dancing (the playing)…I loved absolutely everything, THIS IS A MUST FOR EVERY WOMAN!  What a beautiful, peaceful, simple and natural place for this workshop.”

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Our healing & empowerment modalities include:
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